Nonprofit Talent Trends

Our Nonprofit Talent Trends reports on senior recruitment activity in the nonprofit sector by quarter and highlights trends by subsector and role type.

Social Services, Health and International Development organisations have been most active in recruitment over the past two years.

HR positions are the least advertised roles the nonprofit sector in recent months.

How it works

2into3 Nonprofit talent trends

Our Nonprofit Talent Trends provide insights into important employment trends within the Irish nonprofit sector. It offers a detailed analysis on key issues, such as positions that are most commonly advertised, as well as those that are least.

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Q1 2023 Nonprofit Talent Trends
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In December 2022, 2into3 completed a rebrand, which included a new logo and brand colours

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In Q2 2021 Not-for-Profit Recruitment Monitor was re-branded as Nonprofit Talent Trends from 2into3

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