Why report sector trends?

Reporting on the sector informs organisations on relevant issues facing the social economy and enables evidence-informed decisions.

The Economics of Faith

The Economics of Faith paper explores the contemporary landscape of faith-based giving in Ireland. It provides a picture of the Irish religious nonprofit sector today. This report estimates the total income and charitable giving attributable to faith-based organisations in 2020. By analyzing the total income and charitable giving attributed to faith-based organizations in 2020, this research seeks to shed light on the funding trends and fundraising dynamics within the religious sector.

This report draws on data from the Benefacts Legacy Dataset, the Charities Regulator’s public register of charities and the annual Giving Ireland Report. The analysis primarily focuses on the financial years 2019-2020, with comparisons to 2018-2019. Additionally, trend analysis from 2016 to 2020 is derived from previous Giving Ireland reports. Thank you to the sponsors of this report, Quilter Cheviot, leading investment management company who specialise in helping charities and private clients with their investments.

Giving Ireland

Giving Ireland is a collaboration between 2into3 and Philanthropy Ireland, seeking to provide a platform for the sector that will foster collaboration, provide insights and encourage collective action. The research for the report is complied by TU Dublin.

In addition to the Giving Ireland report, we also provide a webinar series by subsector exploring how each subsector of the nonprofit sector is funded in Ireland.

The Giving Ireland Report provides an analysis of how the Irish nonprofit sector is funded . This is in response to an ongoing need for objective information on fundraising in Ireland. Formerly known as the annual ‘Irish Not-for-Profit Sector: Fundraising Performance Report,’ published by 2into3, with 9 previous annual reports. The report uses the annual accounts of over 1,300 Irish organisations to chart philanthropic income trends in Ireland year-on-year.

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