Locally led initiatives grant support ireland

3 Successful Grant Application Tips for Locally Led Initiatives

National policies regarding grant investment in communities and rural areas recommend that local development should be locally driven. Focusing on a bottom-up approach, led by local stakeholders and local partnerships, is highly encouraged. In our experience, there are a number of key priority issues that your grant proposal should try to address. Here are 3 […]

Inclusive disability policies 2into3

Is Ireland Failing its Disabled Workforce? 4 Tips for Inclusive Recruitment

In recent years, there have been many positive developments towards increased recruitment inclusivity in Ireland. According to the 2022 Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy, “Everyone is entitled to enjoy a prejudice–free working environment that rejects any form of discrimination”. Despite this policy, there is evident disability discrimination in hiring. According to The European Commission Country Report […]

Federation of Irish Sport 2into3 announce partnership

2into3 Announce 3-Year Partnership with Federation of Irish Sport

2into3 proudly announce a transformative 3-year strategic partnership with the Federation of Irish Sport (FIS), commencing January 2024. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in 2into3 and The Federation of Irish Sport’s (FIS) shared commitment in enhancing the social impact of sports, recreation, and physical activity across Ireland. This partnership will allow both organisations to […]

Importance of long term recruitment

The Long-term Importance Of Successful Recruitment For Social Impact Organisations

Many nonprofits are founded on a modest number of team members. As these organisations grow and develop, the success of their organisation lies in the hands of these talented individuals steering the mission forward. As we ease into 2024, here are some reminders of the long-term importance of successful recruitment for social impact organisations.   […]

Matt McKerrow Governance Insights

“We’ve tried – women just don’t want to be on our board” Governance insights for your sports organisation from an international perspective

Authored by Matt McKerrow, Associate Consultant   As a father of toddler boy/girl twins, I am ever vigilant (and regularly reminded by my constituents) to ensure I am equitable in all dealings, particularly those that pertain to distribution of important resources – like strawberries, or marshmallows. And OK, whilst two for the price of two […]

The Power of Social Media in Elevating Your Fundraising Efforts

Last week, we saw a fantastic example of leveraging social media platforms for fundraising campaigns. After the tragic stabbing in Dublin last Thursday 23rd November, the bravery of Caio Benicio was celebrated by the creation of, ‘Buy Caio Benicio a pint’on Go Fund Me. By leveraging social media to spread awareness of this campaign, over €360,000 […]

2into3 nonprofit Talent recruitment trend

Nonprofit Talent Trends – Q3 2023

The latest snapshot of senior recruitment activity in the Irish nonprofit sector shows a stabilisation in activity year on year. 2into3’s tracking of roles advertised found there were 253 senior posts advertised in Q3 of 2023, a reduction of 6.9% from the 272 roles advertised in the same period last year. In terms of the […]

Giving Ireland 2023

Launching Giving Ireland 2023 Report

On Thursday 26th October, we launched Giving Ireland 2023 Report, in collaboration with Philanthropy Ireland. Our report launch event was followed by four subsector webinars, on Sport & Recreation, Religion & International, Environment and Health & Social Services. Thank you to everyone who attended our launch event and webinars, for our panellists for providing their […]

Importance of Storytelling

5 Tips For Effective Storytelling in Fundraising

One of the most difficult challenges for nonprofits who engage in fundraising is effectively engaging donors and inspiring them to support their mission with, or over, the plethora of worthy causes around the world. A solution to this problem can be found in the art of effective storytelling. Stories have a unique power to connect […]

Sports Capital applications

2023 Sports Capital Grant Applications

The Sports Capital Programme is the primary vehicle for government support for the development of sports and physical recreation facilities and the purchase of non-personal sports equipment throughout the country. The 2023 Sports Capital and Equipment Programme opened for applications on Monday 17th July 2023 and closed last Friday 8th September.   Sports Capital Masterclasses […]