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Social impact refers to the effects on society resulting from actions, policies, or projects led by individuals, government bodies or organisations. Oftentimes, this collective effort can go unnoticed. In Ireland’s Social Impact Podcast, our Marketing Manager chats to guests who have created a positive social impact. This provides a platform to discuss their insights, projects, aspirations and personal stories.

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Episode 2: Is Ireland as secularised as we think?

In the latest Census data, there was an increase in those identifying as having ‘no religion’, with a decline in those identifying as ‘catholic’. This reflects the secularisation of the Irish population. However, as stated in Episode 1, people are still continuing to give large sums of money to religious organisations. The types of religious organisations that we see in Ireland are also changing and evolving away from Catholicism and towards newer incentives, as the ‘New Irish’ emerge.

Join Dennis O’Connor and Niamh Carruthers in this episode to discuss the history of Ireland, religion, and trying to unwrap if Ireland is as secularised as we think.

Episode 1: What Does Giving tell us about Irish Religious Organisations?

Typically, we associate religious organisations with churches and other places of worship. However, the scale of religious organisations in Ireland is much greater than we initially think. The funding and income generated in religious organisations is also a significant part of our economy. In our very first episode, we delve into the current findings on religious giving in Ireland. We discuss the scale of religion in Ireland, including: emerging religions, religious income and progression of religious organisations.

In this episode, we are joined by Niamh Carruthers and Dennis O’Connor. Niamh is a funding expert and PhD Researcher who focuses on charitable giving, and has recently authored ‘The Economics of Faith’ report, which provides insights into the funding landscape in Ireland. Our second guest, Dennis O’Connor, has over 20 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector and is the CEO of 2into3, which focuses on transformative social impact. Both Niamh and Dennis have made significant contributions towards social impact in Ireland.

Niamh’s recent work on ‘The Economics of Faith’ report informs organisations on relevant issues facing the social economy. To read ‘The Economics of Faith’ report, visit:

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