nonprofit talent trends 2022 q3

Nonprofit Talent Trends- Q1 2022

The latest assessment by 2into3 of senior recruitment activity in the nonprofit sector shows activity remains high, with 269 roles advertised in the first 3 months of 2022, versus 226 in the same period last year. That is an increase of 43 roles, or 19.9%.  

 The number of organisations advertising for these positions increased at a similar rate: 193, up from 159, which is a rise of 34 or 21.4%.  

Q1 2022 Nonprofit Talent Trends

Analysis by Subsector

Every subsector was active, with the greatest number of roles coming from Social Services and Health (both 20.7%), followed closely by Local Development & Housing (14%).  The remining 44.6% was spread between the other 9 subsectors, ranging from just 1% for Recreation & Sport to 4.7% for Advocacy Law & Politics. 

 Each of these subsectors showed an increase in activity versus 2021, with one exception: Philanthropy & Volunteerism roles dropped from 17 to 6 year-on-year. The largest increase was for roles in the Religious sector, albeit from a small base, rising from 1 to 4. Other large uplifts were seen Professional & Vocational roles (up 175%), Arts, Culture & Media (up 125%) and Environment roles (up 133%). 

 There was a significant increase in the number of Service Delivery and Operational Management roles advertised in Q1 2022 versus 2021. Such roles represented over half of all roles advertised and increased by 33 or 29% versus last year. 

 Small increases were also seen in CEO/Executive Director roles, as well as Communications & Marketing, and Admin, Strategy and Governance. The number of roles in HR and Finance fell slightly, while the number of Fundraising & Business Development roles fell from 48 to 42, a drop of 12.5%. 

Senior Nonprofit Recruitment

Overall, we can see the bounce back from the pandemic continues across almost all subsectors but with some variations when we look at the types of roles advertised.  

 Those roles that showed a decline would appear to the role types that saw the smallest decline during the height of the pandemic, so may not have too far to bounce back from, although it will be interesting to track the Fundraising roles in particular as the year progresses. 

 If you would like to view more information on our findings, please contact Fergal O’Sullivan directly.