Giving Ireland 2023

Launching Giving Ireland 2023 Report

On Thursday 26th October, we launched Giving Ireland 2023 Report, in collaboration with Philanthropy Ireland. Our report launch event was followed by four subsector webinars, on Sport & Recreation, Religion & International, Environment and Health & Social Services. Thank you to everyone who attended our launch event and webinars, for our panellists for providing their insights, to our sponsors, our Giving Ireland author and everyone who made this years report possible.


Giving Ireland 2023 Report


Giving Ireland Summary Quilter Cheviot

Giving Ireland 2023 Summary, Quilter Cheviot


Giving Ireland, established in collaboration with Philanthropy Ireland, aims to provide insights into charitable giving in Ireland and support informed decision-making. This year’s research, in partnership with Technological University Dublin, reveals the continuing impact of the global pandemic during its second year and highlights emerging challenges facing the nonprofit sector.

This years report found that:

“Looking back, 2021 saw Ireland still very much in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Certain aspects of ‘normal life’ had resumed, albeit cautiously. The rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine continued, while climate and energy issues gained increasing urgency in the public discourse. The end of 2021 then saw the cost of living crisis come to the forefront of our collective consciousness, where it has remained.

This report sets out to explore how nonprofits in Ireland fared in 2021 compared to 2020. The findings suggest that 2021 was a year of modest recovery. Funding remained a challenge for many organisations, while the struggle faced by organisations of all shapes and sizes to attract and retain staff intensified (Wheel 2023).

Total funding in the sector increased slightly, while earned revenue stagnated and fundraising declined for the second year in a row. For a second year, the State stepped in to fill the funding gap, stabilising the sector. In 2021, we witnessed the lead-up to the war in Ukraine. As we prepare for next year’s report, we predict that it will showcase the sector’s ability to adapt and respond to new challenges, as many organisations made adjustments to assist incoming Ukrainian refugees, not to mention the international response led by our aid organizations. 2021, however, was a year for regrouping and refocusing in the pandemic’s wake.” – Giving Ireland 2023 Report

Read Giving Ireland 2023 Report here.


Giving Ireland Launch Event

Giving Ireland launch event

On Thursday 26th October, our Giving Ireland Launch Event took place at St. Laurence’s Church, TU Dublin. We were joined by a range of experienced panellists, including:

Jackie Harrison, Director of Philanthropy at Community Foundation Ireland
Nell Ward, Director of Development at Grow It Yourself Ireland
Charlie Lamson, Head of Fundraising at Irish Red Cross
Etain Kidney, Head of Marketing & Entrepreneurship at TU Dublin

An extended thank you to our MC, Ivan Cooper, CEO of The Wheel, to Eoin Langan, Dean of Faculty of Business, TU Dublin and Niamh Carruthers, Senior Researcher, for authoring this years report.

Giving Ireland would also not be possible without our sponsors, Community Foundation Ireland, Ecclesiastical Insurance Office and Quilter Cheviot. Thank you for continuing to support this report.

Giving Ireland Subsector Webinars


Giving Ireland 2023 Subsector Webinars

Following the launch of Giving Ireland 2023 Report, we held a series of subsector webinars. This series was hosted by Rob Foley, Head of Fundraising Advisory Practice at 2into3, and Niamh Carruthers, Senior Researcher and Giving Ireland Author.

Sports & Recreation: Exploring Sporting Impact Giving Ireland 2023 Report Subsector Webinar. Watch webinar here.
Panellists: Matt McKerrow, Associate Consultant at 2into3 and James O’Callaghan, Performance Director at Irish Sailing Association.

Religion & International: Bridging Borders and Faiths: Giving Ireland 2023 Report Subsector Webinar. Watch webinar here.
Panellist: Jennifer Donovan, Donor Engagement Manager at Misean Cara.

Environmental: Sustaining Our Future: Giving Ireland 2023 Report Subsector Webinar. Watch webinar here.
Panellists: Nell Ward, Director of Development at Grow It Yourself and Karen Ciesielski, CEO at Irish Environmental Network.

Health & Social Services: Strengthening Communities: Giving Ireland 2023 Report Subsector Webinar. Watch webinar here.
Panelist: Ruth Allen, Head of Communications & Development at Childvision.


Contact Us

If you’re interested in learning more about Giving Ireland, visit our website. For direct queries regarding this years report, contact If you’re interested in becoming a part of Giving Ireland as a sponsor, supporter, or panellist for next year, contact
Giving Ireland Webinar series

Giving Ireland Subsector Webinars

Thank you to everyone who attended our Giving Ireland Subsector Webinar series last week. Following the in-person launch of Giving Ireland 2022 – Analysis and Insights on Funding of the Nonprofit Sector in 2020 Report Launch in Dubin, Cork and Galway, we hosted 7 webinars delving into the following subsectors: Education, Sport, Health, Arts, Social Services, International Development and Religion.



We kicked off the webinar series with Education Subsector on Tuesday 29th November. The Giving Ireland 2022 report tells us that fundraised income decreased by 17% overall in 2020, with the Education sector seeing a decrease in total income by 2%. Despite this decrease, Education and Research were the only subsectors to experience a slight increase in earned income in 2020.

Nicola Rees, Development and Fundraising Professional at University of Galway joined us to provide insights on how the pandemic effected the Education sector in Ireland. If you’re interested in learning more, watch the recording of our webinar here.



For our next webinar on Thursday 1st December, we focused on the Sport Subsector. The Sport subsector experienced the second largest decrease in total income, by 11%. Rob Hartnett, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Sport for Business, joined us to provide insights on the sport subsector.

Rob’s discussed the impact of covid on sports community fundraising both at club level and within the wider sector, and more. For the full insights, watch the recording here.



Hereafter, we delved into the Health Subsector, which saw a decrease in total income by 7% in 2020. Total income fell short of total expenditure for Health subsector, as well as Environment, Philanthropy and the Arts. Michael Nason, CEO of Cork University Hospital Charity, joined the webinar to provide information on the Health subsector.

Michael’s experience as CEO of Cork University Hospital made for an insightful discussion around the Health subsector, a key player during the pandemic. Watch the recording here.


The Arts subsector experienced the largest decrease in total income in 2020, by 25%. In our webinar, we explored the Arts subsector in more detail and discussed how to support the recovery of the sector, moving forward. Emma McKinley, Development Manager at Helium Arts and Donal Shiels, Artistic Director of The Civic Theatre joined our webinar to discuss the effect of the pandemic on the Arts subsector, and the continued recovery of the sector in 2022. Click here to watch the recording.

Social Services

Our next webinar focused on the Social Services subsector. They were one of only three subsectors to see an increase in total income, by 3%. Carol Casey, Head of Fundraising & Communications at Merchants Quay Ireland and Bruce Clark, Individual Giving Manager at Pieta House, joined our webinar to provide insights on Social Services. To watch the recording, click here.


International Development

The International Development subsector saw a decrease in total income by 9%. Eamon Sharkey, Director of Marketing, Fundraising & Communications at GOAL, joined this webinar to discuss International Development subsector. Watch recording here.



Despite fundraised income decreasing by 17% overall in 2020, the Religious subsector’s total income increased by 34%. We discussed the unique position of the Religious subsector in 2020 and explored reasons for the increased fundraised income within these organisations. Our CEO, Dennis O’Connor, joined this webinar to discuss Religion’s unique position within the sector in 2020. Watch here.

Looking at the fundraised income from 2020, we can acknowledge the resilience of the sector and look forward to a more positive future. Although we cannot predict the future, if we can take anything away from 2020, is that we have resilience to carry forward if crisis strikes again.

Contact Us

Thanks to all of our panellists who provided fantastic insights during each of our webinars. Download the Giving Ireland report here.

If you have any questions on the Giving Ireland Subsector Webinars, please contact our Head of Fundraising Advisory Practice, Rob Foley.

Giving Ireland Report Launch 2022

Giving Ireland 2022 Report Launch

2into3 and Philanthropy Ireland warmly invite you to the launch of Giving Ireland 2022 – Analysis and Insights on Funding of the Nonprofit Sector in 2020. Kindly supported by The Community Foundation of Ireland, Quilter Cheviot and Ecclesiastical Insurance.

The report will examine the total fundraised income from philanthropic sources in 2020, changes from 2019, the fundraising performance of the sector, the fundraising mix in 2020, the cost of fundraising by method and international comparisons.


Giving Ireland 2022 – Event Details

We are hosting 3 in-person only events in Dublin, Galway and Cork from the 17th-24th November. If you are interested in attending, please register via the links below.


When: Thurs 17th Nov
Where: TU Dublin, St. Laurence’s Church, Grangegorman
Time: 9am-11am
Register for Dublin event here


When: Wed 23rd Nov
Where: Republic of Work, 12 South Mall, Cork
Time: 10am-11.30am
Register for Cork event here


When: Thurs 24th Nov
Where: Portershed, Eyre Square, Galway
Time: 10am-11.30am
Register for Galway event here


About Giving Ireland 

The Giving Ireland 2022 Report gives a detailed analysis and insights on Funding of the Nonprofit Sector in 2020. Formerly known as “The Irish Not-for-Profit Sector: Fundraising Performance Report”, the Giving Ireland Report, builds a year-on-year performance insight into fundraising by the nonprofit sector in Ireland. It used a representative sample of nonprofit organisations to chart philanthropic income trends in Ireland.

Giving Ireland is kindly supported by The Community Foundation, Quilter Cheviot and Ecclesiastical Insurance.


About Philanthropy Ireland 

Philanthropy Ireland promotes the development of Philanthropy and good giving practice in Ireland and aims to maximise the impact of giving, making real and lasting change for the benefit of society. While 90% of people in Ireland give to charity, it is estimated only 12% do so in a planned way. Philanthropy Ireland aims to change this and to encourage people to give more and give more strategically.

About 2into3 

2into3 works with mission-driven organisations to build capacity, so that they can have a transformative impact on society in Ireland and the world. The Irish nonprofit sector is comprised of a diverse range of subsectors, from Social Services and Health to Education and Sport. 2into3 has experience working with organisations across the sector in Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Grants Services, Governance, Recruitment and Research.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the event, please do not hesitate to contact For more information on Giving Ireland, visit here.

Relationship based Fundraising 2into3

Why consider Relationship based Fundraising?

Relationship based Fundraising 2into3

During our recent Giving Ireland fundraising webinars, some interesting common themes emerged across the various nonprofit sectors. This included relationship based fundraising, how to diversify income and how to use data better to improve fundraising returns. We have seen the recent successes that relationship based fundraising has delivered to many nonprofits in Ireland.

What is Relationship based Fundraising?

Relationship based fundraising incorporates many fundraising methods including Major Gifts, Trusts & Foundations, Legacies and Corporate Donations. Developing a long term relationship with a donor or company takes time. It’s not a fundraising income stream that can be activated instantly but the rewards to your organisation will far outweigh the required inputs if executed properly.

Why use Relationship based Fundraising?

Successful fundraising performance relies more and more on relationship based fundraising methods. They can untap a stream of income that can secure the future growth of your organisation and help it weather any unpredictable future events. It can evolve into a mutually beneficial relationship for both funder and nonprofit, based on clear expectations, continuous communication, mission alignment, respect and ultimately trust.


How to cultivate a meaningful relationship with donors?

Consider how your organisation will develop its donor-based relationships with the following:

  • Who will you target and at what level?

Begin by looking inside your organisation. Identify current and past donors as well as those of high-net worth known to key stakeholders. Research on trusts/foundations is also vital as some will support specific projects and causes which may rule out your organisation.

  • Do you have the organisational culture and the right person to make the ask?

Major gift fundraising involves a high-level skill-set and dedication. A full time major gift fundraiser can manage a maximum of 100 relationships, 50 might be a more realistic number in more advanced stages of cultivation.  Executive and Board engagement in donor cultivation and making the ‘ask’ is often required.

  • How to build relationships with funders? Do you have a strong case for support?

Major donors and trusts/foundations want to make a demonstrable impact to an organisation. Building a compelling case for support educates prospective donors and motivates them to support your  organisation’s ambitions.

  • Can you invest the time?

Developing relationships takes time. Securing a major gift can take up to 3 years and typically involves multiple meetings. Building a connection and network of trusts/foundations and applying to each with a tailored submission is key. It all takes time but after an initial lag a flow of income should begin to emerge from all the hard work!


Taking the Next step:

Is your organisation ready to engage in these fundraising methods? Feel free to contact Rob Foley at or +353 21 237 9882



irish giving index webinar december 2021

Thanks for attending Irish Giving Index webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended our, ‘Data-driven Fundraising Trends | Findings from Irish Giving Index 2021′ webinar yesterday. We ended our final 2021 Irish Giving Index webinar with fantastic insights from Carol Casey, Head of Fundraising and Communications at Merchants Quay Ireland. We would like to thank Carol for sharing her valuable insights and fundraising experience.

About the Irish Giving Index

The Irish Giving Index is the only Irish nonprofit sector tool which tracks and analyses the fundraising landscape. This enables organisations to benchmark fundraising performance against relevant subsectors.

As a subscriber, you will understand the driving factors behind changes in fundraising. One benefit of subscribing is that the index can help you make decisions at senior level and can also enable sector-wide solutions for fundraising in the nonprofit sector.

Dennis O’Connor and Rebecca Droop explained the increase in fundraised income and the insights within each subsector- including health, social services and international.


Carol Casey, Head of Fundraising & Communications at Merchants Quay Ireland

A huge thanks to Carol Casey, Head of Fundraising & Communications at Merchants Quay Ireland, who joined the webinar to discuss how their fundraising team uses the Irish Giving Index to support strategic fundraising strategies. Carol highlighted how their team has benefited from having a benchmark to compare their fundraising on an annual basis.

Merchants Quay Ireland believes in a just society where no-one has to face homelessness or addiction alone, and where everyone has the support they need to reduce the harm caused by homelessness and addiction and to build a better life; an inclusive society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Subscribe to the Irish Giving Index

If you are interested in subscribing to our Irish Giving Index, please contact Dennis O’Connor or Rebecca Droop. If you would like to find out more about the Irish Giving Index, please visit our website.

Giving Ireland 2021 report 2into3

Giving Ireland Subsector Webinars 2021

Our Giving Ireland 2021 series has just concluded. The Giving Ireland report shares funding insights on the nonprofit sector. At a deeper subsector level, it further breakdowns and highlights other opportunities especially when compared to other subsectors. 

Over the month of November, Giving Ireland hosted 9 deep dive webinars on funding of each in the various nonprofit subsectors.  

Our speakers discussed many of the funding issues concerning their particular subsector today including fundraising in difficult times, governance, state supports and how to develop and maintain relationships with donors. How to resonate with Major Gifts donors and how to diversify income were also discussed. 

Giving Ireland Subsector Webinars   

Health, with Guest Speakers: Michael Nason, CEO – Cork University Hospital Charity and Caroline Gormley, Associate Director of Fundraising – Evelina London Hospital, UK 

Social Services, with Guest Speaker: Sharon Fitzpatrick, Head of Development – COPE Galway 

International Development, with Guest Speakers: Gaby Murphy, Director of Public Fundraising and Private Sector Engagement – Concern Worldwide and Audrey Jones, Head of Fundraising – Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) 

Education & Research, with Guest Speaker: Jim Miley, Director General – Irish Universities Association 

Arts, Culture & Media, with Guest Speakers: Andrew Hetherington, CEO – Business to Arts and Alice Whitaker, Philanthropy – Royal Opera House, London 

Sport & Recreation, with Guest Speakers: Sinead O’Keeffe, Commercial Director – Cork GAA & Páirc Uí Chaoimh, Gareth Maguire, CEO – Sport Changes Life and Kate Jacques, Head of Partnerships & Fundraising – Chance to Shine UK 

Religion, with Guest Speakers: Céire Sadlier, Grants Officer – Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference and Anthony O’Connor, Director of Fundraising – Manchester Cathedral 

Philanthropy, with Guest Speaker: Gráinne O’Hogan, Director of Development – Social Entrepreneurs Ireland 

Environment, with Guest Speaker: Oisín Coghlan, Director – Friends of the Earth 

You can watch any of these webinars here.

FYI: Zoom may ask you to register to watch it. 


Thanks to our Guest Speakers who brought their valuable insights and learnings to the subsector webinars. Sharing these experiences enriches the knowledge base and develops a culture of sharing and openness within the sector. Learnings from our UK counterparts can also aid Irish based organisations’ activities when it comes to fundraising initiatives. 


You can download the published Giving Ireland 2021 report.


Thanks to our generous sponsors, without who the Giving Ireland report would not be possible: The Community Foundation of Ireland,, Quilter Cheviot and Ecclesiastical Insurance. 


Giving Ireland is a collaboration between 2into3 and Philanthropy Ireland. The Giving Ireland 2021 Report was launched in Oct 2021. It gives a detailed analysis and insights on Funding of the Nonprofit Sector in 2019.

Giving Ireland 2021 report 2into3

Growth in Giving continues for Irish Nonprofit Sector 2019 – Giving Ireland Report



Thanks for attending our ‘Giving Ireland 2021 – Analysis and Insights on Funding of the Nonprofit Sector in 2019’ launch event. Our research indicates some interesting findings from 2019:

  • Fundraised income increased 5%, rising for the 10th consecutive year
  • Ireland’s per capita giving is €362 compared to €324 in the U.K. and €359 in N.Z.
  • Organisations declared more information on funding than in previous years
  • Average cost to raise €1 in 2019 was 28 cent, a slight decline vs 2018


Giving Ireland Webinar


A warm thank you to all of our panelists for their contributions during today’s webinar, including Deirdre Garvey, CEO of The Wheel who was our MC, Denise Charlton, CEO of The Community Foundation for Ireland, Michael Duggan, CxO Industry Advisor with, Sinéad Price and Rachel Murphy, Directors of Fundraising with Pieta House and Prof. Vincent Cunnane, President of Technological University of the Shannon.

During the webinar, Rebecca Droop, Analyst with 2into3, outlined the findings from 2019, including the investment income by subsector and fundraised income. Furthermore, Rebecca outlined Ireland’s giving landscape on an international basis.

Our panelists spoke individually covering a range of topics from funding, role of Government policy and benefits of sharing data and learnings across the sector.


Key Findings Giving Ireland Report 2into3


Giving Ireland Report

Giving Ireland  is a collaboration between 2into3 and Philanthropy Ireland. It gives a detailed analysis and insights on Funding of the Nonprofit Sector in 2019.

The report reveals the total fundraised income from private sources in 2019, the fundraising performance and mix of the sector year on year and the cost of fundraising by method. State funding accounted for 63% of the sector’s total income in 2019. It uses a representative sample of nonprofit organisations to chart philanthropic income trends in Ireland.

The report estimates Ireland’s charitable giving to be at €1.78 billion in 2019, with Irish people giving an average of €362 annually, forming 0.5% of Ireland’s GDP. For more details on these figures, download the report here. The Giving Ireland Report is supported by The Community Foundation of Ireland,, Quilter Cheviot and Ecclesiastical Insurance.


Dennis O’Connor, 2into3 Director states, “Perhaps it is time now to look at giving levels more in terms of Ireland’s giving capacity in GNI (Gross National Income) and/or GDP (Gross Domestic Product) terms and less in terms of per capita, as our economy is now in a different place. GDP captures what our multi-national sector is contributing, and we see what this brings in terms of corporate tax income. Our entrepreneurial culture has advanced, wealth levels are rising.”

Éilis Murray, Philanthropy Ireland CEO and one of our panelists during the Giving Ireland webinar, states, As advocates of strategic, planned giving, we note the increases in major gifts, trust and foundation giving, and legacy giving is positive. They are also identified as the most cost-effective methods tending to have a higher-than-average gift level. The opportunity to advance this is through development of Policy for Philanthropy which government has committed to.”


Download the report here.


If you would like more details on the findings of the report, feel free to contact

Giving Ireland 2021 report 2into3

Register now for your subsector’s webinar on funding – Giving Ireland 2021

The Giving Ireland 2021 report launched last week, indicates several subsectors of the nonprofit sector saw an increase in fundraised income in 2019. Total Giving in Ireland was €1.78 billion, as a percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), that equates to 0.5% GDP, for that period.


When compared to the UK, if the Irish nonprofit sector fulfilled its potential in attracting sources of philanthropic support to a similar level as the UK (their GDP rate is 0.84%), Irish overall Giving could increase to approx. €2.99 billion. How can we close this gap?


In these subsector specific webinars we will look in more detail at the funding of each subsector, its trends relative to other subsectors and discuss the impact of Covid (2019 is the last full year of pre-covid stats, so it’s the baseline for comparison when assessing Covid’s impact).


Register for your subsector webinar:

Health – Tues 2nd Nov 10am

Social Services – Wed 3rd Nov 10am

International Development – Thurs 4th Nov 10am

Education & Research – Tues 9th Nov 11am

Arts, Culture & Media – Wed 10th Nov 10am

Sport & Recreation – Thurs 11th Nov 10am

Religion – Tues 16th Nov 11am

Philanthropy – Wed 17th Nov 10am

Environment – Thurs 18th Nov 10am


Kindly supported by The Community Foundation for Ireland,, Quilter Cheviot, Ecclesiastical Insurance.


Giving Ireland is a joint collaboration between 2into3 and Philanthropy Ireland. The Giving Ireland Report 2021 – Analysis and Insights on Funding of the Nonprofit Sector in 2019.

2into3 300th Customer

2into3 are Celebrating our 300th Customer

2into3 are delighted to announce that we are celebrating our 300th customer. After 15 years in business, across 3 offices in Dublin, Belfast & Cork, we continue with our mission, to help transform nonprofits throughout Ireland. As a team we are thrilled to arrive at this important milestone. We work with some truly fantastic organisations, who undertake amazing work for the people of Ireland.

2into3 300th Customer

“We are delighted to be developing a strategic plan for County Kildare LEADER Partnership, our 300th customer. Kildare LEADER delivers rural, enterprise, social inclusion and community initiatives in the county of Kildare.” – Dennis O’Connor, Director, 2into3.

How Nonprofit organisations benefit from a strategic plan:

  • Gives a clear sense of direction
  • Identifies priorities and aids clear decision making.
  • It’s a living document, which is owned by the people of your organisation. Therefore, motivating your employees with a sense of purpose
  • Enables your organisation to be proactive, rather than reactive.


Special word of thanks to all our customers, who partner with us on some of the most impactful and strategic projects in their organisation’s history. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to share insights, learnings and feedback to help add capacity and grow the potential of each and every one of these organisations.

If your nonprofit would like to develop a strategic plan, or avail of our consulting, recruitment or research services, please contact

About County Kildare LEADER Partnership

County Kildare LEADER Partnership is one of over fifty local development companies in Ireland. They are a nonprofit Local Development Company that has been operational since January 2009 and is the result of an amalgamation of a number of organisations and their activities including KELT, the Kildare Community Partnership (KCP) and the County Kildare based section of OAK Partnership.

County Kildare LEADER Partnership is now continuing this work through the Rural Development Programme (LEADER), the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP) and other supporting programmes in empowering local communities to improve their quality of life.


Rachel Stevenson Cork Simon Community Irish Giving Index Fundraising Webinar 2into3 March 2021

Thank you – Rachel from Cork Simon

Thank you to Rachel Stevenson, Head of Fundraising from Cork Simon Community, who joined our Irish Giving Index webinar this week, as our guest speaker.

The topic was “How effective is your Fundraising?” and during the webinar, we shared some topline fundraising insights from the latest Irish Giving Index quarterly report.

Fundraising costs experienced a significant drop, from an average of €0.32 in Q2 2019 to €0.16 in Q2, 2020, cost to raise €1 (when comparing costs by quarter). *

The Q2 report also shows a 28% year-to-date increase in total fundraised income from 2019. This increase was seen across the International, Social Services and Health subsectors and remains consistent with findings of monthly year-on-year increases.


Irish Giving Index Fundraised income increase Q1 2020 2into3

Irish Giving Index Fundraised Income


Rachel explained how she used the Irish Giving Index in her day-to-day role:

  • Planning – It gives context to Irish fundraising landscape, how Cork Simon is performing when compared to other nonprofits of similar size and type. It identifies growth opportunities – what are others doing well and what can we learn from them. Targets can be set and measured accurately and without bias.
  • Case making – When the evidence indicates a change in direction is required, or in fact no change in strategic direction should be made, the Irish Giving Index, gives the facts to support the case being made. The senior management team can be confident knowing the facts presented, are well thought out and are evidence based, from an independent source. Are extra resources needed to achieve the achieve the growth potential and close the gap? The Index provides the evidence needed to support your case.
  • Operational – Benchmark our activities against other organisations. What activities have the best return on Investment? Which fundraising methods deliver.


Rachel Stevenson Cork Simon Community Irish Giving Index Fundraising Webinar 2into3 March 2021

Rachel Stevenson, Cork Simon


Subscribers fundraising data is confidential and is only shared at a cumulative level with other subscribers, so all individual organisations’ data is private and not shared with others. The service is not available to anyone outside of the sector and only fundraising Irish nonprofits can subscribe.


Thanks also to everyone who attended our webinar. If you missed it, here is the webinar recording.

More on Irish Giving Index

If you would like to speak to Dennis O’Connor  please call 086 8162278.

*Source: Q2 2020 Report, Irish Giving Index