Giving Ireland Webinar series

Giving Ireland Subsector Webinars

Thank you to everyone who attended our Giving Ireland Subsector Webinar series last week. Following the in-person launch of Giving Ireland 2022 – Analysis and Insights on Funding of the Nonprofit Sector in 2020 Report Launch in Dubin, Cork and Galway, we hosted 7 webinars delving into the following subsectors: Education, Sport, Health, Arts, Social Services, International Development and Religion.



We kicked off the webinar series with Education Subsector on Tuesday 29th November. The Giving Ireland 2022 report tells us that fundraised income decreased by 17% overall in 2020, with the Education sector seeing a decrease in total income by 2%. Despite this decrease, Education and Research were the only subsectors to experience a slight increase in earned income in 2020.

Nicola Rees, Development and Fundraising Professional at University of Galway joined us to provide insights on how the pandemic effected the Education sector in Ireland. If you’re interested in learning more, watch the recording of our webinar here.



For our next webinar on Thursday 1st December, we focused on the Sport Subsector. The Sport subsector experienced the second largest decrease in total income, by 11%. Rob Hartnett, Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Sport for Business, joined us to provide insights on the sport subsector.

Rob’s discussed the impact of covid on sports community fundraising both at club level and within the wider sector, and more. For the full insights, watch the recording here.



Hereafter, we delved into the Health Subsector, which saw a decrease in total income by 7% in 2020. Total income fell short of total expenditure for Health subsector, as well as Environment, Philanthropy and the Arts. Michael Nason, CEO of Cork University Hospital Charity, joined the webinar to provide information on the Health subsector.

Michael’s experience as CEO of Cork University Hospital made for an insightful discussion around the Health subsector, a key player during the pandemic. Watch the recording here.


The Arts subsector experienced the largest decrease in total income in 2020, by 25%. In our webinar, we explored the Arts subsector in more detail and discussed how to support the recovery of the sector, moving forward. Emma McKinley, Development Manager at Helium Arts and Donal Shiels, Artistic Director of The Civic Theatre joined our webinar to discuss the effect of the pandemic on the Arts subsector, and the continued recovery of the sector in 2022. Click here to watch the recording.

Social Services

Our next webinar focused on the Social Services subsector. They were one of only three subsectors to see an increase in total income, by 3%. Carol Casey, Head of Fundraising & Communications at Merchants Quay Ireland and Bruce Clark, Individual Giving Manager at Pieta House, joined our webinar to provide insights on Social Services. To watch the recording, click here.


International Development

The International Development subsector saw a decrease in total income by 9%. Eamon Sharkey, Director of Marketing, Fundraising & Communications at GOAL, joined this webinar to discuss International Development subsector. Watch recording here.



Despite fundraised income decreasing by 17% overall in 2020, the Religious subsector’s total income increased by 34%. We discussed the unique position of the Religious subsector in 2020 and explored reasons for the increased fundraised income within these organisations. Our CEO, Dennis O’Connor, joined this webinar to discuss Religion’s unique position within the sector in 2020. Watch here.

Looking at the fundraised income from 2020, we can acknowledge the resilience of the sector and look forward to a more positive future. Although we cannot predict the future, if we can take anything away from 2020, is that we have resilience to carry forward if crisis strikes again.

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Thanks to all of our panellists who provided fantastic insights during each of our webinars. Download the Giving Ireland report here.

If you have any questions on the Giving Ireland Subsector Webinars, please contact our Head of Fundraising Advisory Practice, Rob Foley.