Giving Ireland 2023

Launching Giving Ireland 2023 Report

On Thursday 26th October, we launched Giving Ireland 2023 Report, in collaboration with Philanthropy Ireland. Our report launch event was followed by four subsector webinars, on Sport & Recreation, Religion & International, Environment and Health & Social Services. Thank you to everyone who attended our launch event and webinars, for our panellists for providing their insights, to our sponsors, our Giving Ireland author and everyone who made this years report possible.


Giving Ireland 2023 Report


Giving Ireland Summary Quilter Cheviot

Giving Ireland 2023 Summary, Quilter Cheviot


Giving Ireland, established in collaboration with Philanthropy Ireland, aims to provide insights into charitable giving in Ireland and support informed decision-making. This year’s research, in partnership with Technological University Dublin, reveals the continuing impact of the global pandemic during its second year and highlights emerging challenges facing the nonprofit sector.

This years report found that:

“Looking back, 2021 saw Ireland still very much in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Certain aspects of ‘normal life’ had resumed, albeit cautiously. The rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine continued, while climate and energy issues gained increasing urgency in the public discourse. The end of 2021 then saw the cost of living crisis come to the forefront of our collective consciousness, where it has remained.

This report sets out to explore how nonprofits in Ireland fared in 2021 compared to 2020. The findings suggest that 2021 was a year of modest recovery. Funding remained a challenge for many organisations, while the struggle faced by organisations of all shapes and sizes to attract and retain staff intensified (Wheel 2023).

Total funding in the sector increased slightly, while earned revenue stagnated and fundraising declined for the second year in a row. For a second year, the State stepped in to fill the funding gap, stabilising the sector. In 2021, we witnessed the lead-up to the war in Ukraine. As we prepare for next year’s report, we predict that it will showcase the sector’s ability to adapt and respond to new challenges, as many organisations made adjustments to assist incoming Ukrainian refugees, not to mention the international response led by our aid organizations. 2021, however, was a year for regrouping and refocusing in the pandemic’s wake.” – Giving Ireland 2023 Report

Read Giving Ireland 2023 Report here.


Giving Ireland Launch Event

Giving Ireland launch event

On Thursday 26th October, our Giving Ireland Launch Event took place at St. Laurence’s Church, TU Dublin. We were joined by a range of experienced panellists, including:

Jackie Harrison, Director of Philanthropy at Community Foundation Ireland
Nell Ward, Director of Development at Grow It Yourself Ireland
Charlie Lamson, Head of Fundraising at Irish Red Cross
Etain Kidney, Head of Marketing & Entrepreneurship at TU Dublin

An extended thank you to our MC, Ivan Cooper, CEO of The Wheel, to Eoin Langan, Dean of Faculty of Business, TU Dublin and Niamh Carruthers, Senior Researcher, for authoring this years report.

Giving Ireland would also not be possible without our sponsors, Community Foundation Ireland, Ecclesiastical Insurance Office and Quilter Cheviot. Thank you for continuing to support this report.

Giving Ireland Subsector Webinars


Giving Ireland 2023 Subsector Webinars

Following the launch of Giving Ireland 2023 Report, we held a series of subsector webinars. This series was hosted by Rob Foley, Head of Fundraising Advisory Practice at 2into3, and Niamh Carruthers, Senior Researcher and Giving Ireland Author.

Sports & Recreation: Exploring Sporting Impact Giving Ireland 2023 Report Subsector Webinar. Watch webinar here.
Panellists: Matt McKerrow, Associate Consultant at 2into3 and James O’Callaghan, Performance Director at Irish Sailing Association.

Religion & International: Bridging Borders and Faiths: Giving Ireland 2023 Report Subsector Webinar. Watch webinar here.
Panellist: Jennifer Donovan, Donor Engagement Manager at Misean Cara.

Environmental: Sustaining Our Future: Giving Ireland 2023 Report Subsector Webinar. Watch webinar here.
Panellists: Nell Ward, Director of Development at Grow It Yourself and Karen Ciesielski, CEO at Irish Environmental Network.

Health & Social Services: Strengthening Communities: Giving Ireland 2023 Report Subsector Webinar. Watch webinar here.
Panelist: Ruth Allen, Head of Communications & Development at Childvision.


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