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While recruiting any senior role is a challenge, especially in the nonprofit sector, recruiting a Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director brings with it an additional set of challenges.

What makes recruiting a Nonprofit CEO different?

The skills needed to lead a nonprofit that successfully delivers on its stated mission are over and above those needed for a commercial entity.

As well as being a natural leader and comfortable with the functional and personal management requirements of the role, a nonprofit CEO also needs to inspire their employees, volunteers and funders and to work effectively with all their stakeholders, including the Board, government, etc. They also need to be a strong fit with the organisation’s mission, vision and values, as well as their culture.

Nonprofit CEO Skills Set

Nonprofit CEO recruitment Skills Set

2into3’s Nonprofit CEO recruitment

Bearing all this in mind, you then need to take into consideration that the search for this elusive individual will inevitably fall on the voluntary board of directors of the organisation, many of whom will have “day jobs” and will not have the considerable time required to focus fully on such an assignment.

Unlock the best Leaders

Following 15 years in nonprofit sector recruitment, we have an extensive network of contacts throughout the sector, that continues to expand. We have also identified and recruited successful private and public sector individuals for CEO nonprofit roles, where there was an organisational & cultural fit. We understand the sector.

Quality of Process

Our recruitment process follows clearly defined stages and our client still has full control of everything we do on their behalf. Some prefer to be updated at every stage, others want to receive a pre-vetted short list of candidates, our recruitment approach allows for this flexibility. If there is a HR function, then the HR team’s time can be better spent on other more beneficial activities.


Efficient turnaround time

Finding the right CEO for your organisation will be our sole focus, so we can deliver shorten recruitment timelines, when compared to in-house hiring. The turnaround time from our appointment through to a successful CEO candidate accepting the position, is typically 12 weeks.

Best use of time

Typically, board members of nonprofits are unpaid so their time, must be focused on where it can add the most value, not sifting through CVs of unsuitable candidates (each must be acknowledged and replied to).  Once we have a clear understanding of the type of person needed, we will manage all the CEO hiring related tasks. We also actively participate as board members, this ensures we remain passionate about every role we manage.

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