Why use 2into3’s Recruitment Service?

What makes 2into3’s recruitment service unique is our Quality Guarantee. If the person we place in your organisation leaves within 12 months of starting their role, we will source a replacement free of charge. Please see below for more details. The skills of our recruitment team and the 2into3 processes, gives you the reassurance your role will be filled by ideal candidate.


Why use 2into3 recruitent service Experts in the Nonprofit Sector

2into3 is uniquely positioning in the nonprofit sector, where our work in Consulting and Research, as well as Recruitment, gives us an unparalleled level of knowledge (and contacts within) the sector. Our work over the last 14 years with more than 260 Irish nonprofits means we understand your recruitment needs better than any commercial recruiter.

We know it takes a certain type of person to work in (or even lead) a nonprofit or charity organisation. There is no guarantee an accomplished manager or leader from the commercial sector could successfully transition into this sector. The same can often be said for senior managers moving from one sub-sector to another.

While core leadership and functional skills are essential, you also need to ensure any potential manager will be a cultural fit, have affinity with your mission and values and will know which stakeholders they need to influence and how best to do so. 2into3, more than any other recruiter, can offer this level of understanding.

And so, we aim to look beyond the obvious candidates for any role, based on our previous recruitment experiences. As well as presenting those who are a complete match to your requirements, we always try to include “an alternative option” that may not have everything but could, based on our understanding of the role, be worth exploring.


Quality Guarantee

We are committed to more than just filling roles. 2into3 seek to ensure that all candidates placed by our Recruitment Team succeed in their new positions, because we believe that when a candidate succeeds, it allows the organisation to succeed in its mission. Therefore, we offer a no-fee replacement guarantee, should the postholder’s employment be terminated for any reason other than ill-health or redundancy within the first 12 months of engagement.


Wide Pool of Talent

A typical assignment can attract 200 queries. However, we also actively seek out the ideal candidate. Our long track record in recruitment has allowed us to develop an extensive network of senior managers in the sector, that we can target, should the role match their skills and experience. We can also apply our knowledge of the role and sector and seek out others who may not even be actively looking for a new role but could be an excellent match.


Efficient Turn Around Time & Quality of the Screening Process

2into3’s recruitment process enables a turnaround time of 8-9 weeks, from the date of placing the job advertisements to the successful candidate accepting the job offer. Instead of our clients having to sift through and process all those unqualified applications, we will only show you those who we feel are capable, typically an average of 9-10 individuals. From that list an average of 4-5 are brought forward to interview and two-thirds of these are typically deemed to be appointable by the client.


More on our Recruitment Track Record

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