A Strategy to enable the growth of Ireland Lacrosse

Ireland Lacrosse CLG is the national coordinator and representative for the sport of lacrosse on the island of Ireland. The organisation’s aim is to enable and grow participation and high performance in lacrosse for players of all abilities and ages.

The Context

In late 2021, Ireland Lacrosse engaged 2into3 to facilitate the development of a Strategic Plan that would enable them grow and expand the reach of the sport of lacrosse in Ireland, starting with a post-COVID recovery in playing and volunteering. Additionally, Ireland Lacrosse wanted to identify a roadmap that would ultimately help it achieve National Governing Body status in Ireland.

Ireland Lacrosse
Strategy Process Cycle

Our Action

2into3 worked in collaboration with the National Committee and Ireland Lacrosse’s members to develop the Strategic Plan, following 2into3’s strategic planning methodology.

In-depth research was conducted into Ireland Lacrosse’s history, current performance and operating context. Areas of enquiry included Ireland Lacrosse’s funding model in comparison to peer organisations, the impact of COVID on playing and volunteering, and the sports and wellbeing policy context – particularly with respect to participation and diversity and inclusion.

Consultations were conducted a range of stakeholders. In order to solicit feedback about Ireland Lacrosse’s strengths and opportunities for improvement or growth, members, players, coaches and volunteers in Ireland and the US were invited to share their views about Ireland Lacrosse’s future in a virtual workshop and via an e-survey.

In order to learn from the successes of international lacrosse peers and other sports that have experience of growing and expanding participation, 2into3 interviewed key stakeholders including representatives from Sport Ireland, the World Lacrosse Federation, England Lacrosse, Israel Lacrosse and Volleyball Ireland.

The Result

Ireland Lacrosse’s Strategic Plan for 2023-2026 identifies the key priorities the organisation aims to focus on in order to achieve its ambition of growing participation in the sport, and securing NGB status – including focussing on communications and organisational capacity.

Its revised Vision, Mission and Values statements articulate Ireland Lacrosse’s commitment to the sport itself, to its associated social benefits, and to ensuring these are accessible to everyone, no matter their age, gender, background or ability.

Since approving the Strategic Plan, Ireland Lacrosse has strengthened its organisational structure by recruiting new talent to its National Committee and clarifying the roles of its sub-committees, and secured new sponsorship support.

“Ever since the announcement in October 2023 that lacrosse will be in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles we’ve been swamped! The Strategic Plan developed with 2into3 and in close consultation with our members puts us in a great place to prioritise and make the most of the opportunities that will come with that.”

– Michael Kennedy, CEO of Lacrosse Ireland

Ireland Lacrosse

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