Fundraising Strategy for NOVAS

In September 2022, 2into3 commenced work with Novas, an approved housing body working to promote social inclusion through housing, health, and recovery. Novas works with adults, families and children who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, providing social housing and services that address the holistic needs of its service users. Initially based in Limerick, Novas has expanded significantly and now has a presence in Limerick, Dublin, Cork, Kerry, Clare, and Tipperary, including staff of more than 300 dedicated workers. 

The Context

In early 2022, Novas newly appointed CEO, Úna Deasy, led a strategic review and development process that involved their staff, Board and stakeholders. This strategic review contained an objective which aimed to “secure and grow sustainable funding to provide quality services for our clients and tenants and establish a fundraising function to generate additional income.” 

Novas engaged 2into3 to build a long term, sustainable fundraising strategy to meet the ambitious goals of the organisation in the future. 

Novas Fundraising Strategy Impact

The Action

Our Fundraising Team and Novas’ CEO identified 3 key pillars to underpin the fundraising strategy. Firstly, the appropriate fundraising methods for the organisation. Secondly, appropriate targets for each method, including how they could scale over time. Thirdly, developing their existing fundraising team, which would aim to meet new fundraising targets created within the fundraising strategy.

Our fundraising development experience, combined with our empirical insight into the Irish giving landscape through the Irish Giving Index, enabled us to benchmark fundraising performance against relevant subsectors and organisations of the same targeted fundraised income.  

Through working closely with senior management, we placed a huge emphasis on the steps towards “transformative change”. We engaged with the Board to ensure buy-in to the new strategy and approval for increased investment in fundraising. 

The Result

The culmination of the process resulted in Novas being provided with a concrete fundraising strategy, aiming to equip them in the upcoming years. The plan clearly outlined a framework for fundraising activities, including appropriate consideration of structures, timelines, resources, and organisational design with multiyear targets by method developed.

We were also successful in our negotiations with the executive, resulting in a rise of investment within fundraising and gaining approval by the Board.  

NOVAS Fundraising Strategy and Strategic Plan

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