rish Giving Index Webinar

Thanks for Attending our Q1 2021 Irish Giving Index Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar, How effective was your Fundraising Performance in Q1 2021? Insights from Irish Giving Index Q1 2021 report’ on Thursday 16th September. We had a fantastic session with John Fleming, CEO of St. John of God’s Foundation.

About the Irish Giving Index

The Irish Giving Index is the only Irish nonprofit sector tool which tracks and analyses the fundraising landscape. This enables organisations to benchmark fundraising performance against relevant subsectors. 

As a subscriber, you will understand the driving factors behind the changes in fundraising. One benefit of subscribing is that the index can help you make decisions at senior level and can also enable sector-wide solutions for fundraising in the nonprofit sector.

Dennis O’Connor and Rebecca Droop explained the increase in fundraised income and the insights within each subsector- including health, social services and international. The attendees also engaged in several polls, so we could gain an idea of our attendees’ nonprofit backgrounds and fundraised income.

John Fleming, CEO, St. John of God Foundation

A huge thanks to John Fleming, CEO of St. John of God Foundation, who joined the webinar to discuss how he uses the Irish Giving Index to support his fundraising strategies. Since 1960, St. John of God Foundation have been dedicated to raising funds to enrich the quality of life for those living with intellectual disabilities and mental health challenges.  

John uses the Irish Giving Index to ensure his team are meeting their fundraising ratio. He described the index as a, “straightforward graphic that can back up my fundraising plans” as they decide which strategies are the best value for money.

Subscribe to the Irish Giving Index

If you are interested in subscribing to our Irish Giving Index, please contact Dennis O’Connor or Rebecca Droop. If you would like to find out more about the Irish Giving Index, please visit our website.

If anyone is interested in watching the webinar, click here.