Organisations Strategically Investing More in Legacies

In Q1, 2018 it cost organisations 11cent to raise €1 from Legacies. This finding emerged from the latest 2into3 Quarterly Fundraising Monitor (now called Irish Giving Index).

While this data looks at the overall trend for the sector, each subsector and fundraising method has had a different experience. In Q1, 2018:

Social Services: Decrease of 7%
Health: Decrease of 27%
International: Decrease of 8%
Arts, Culture, Media: Increase of 13%

Throughout previous quarters, some organisations have experienced significant increases in Legacy income. Now, more and more organisations are responding by strategically investing in Legacy giving.

Data is an underutilised resource in nonprofit organisations, but fundraisers can use data to improve their decision making and performance. Relying on previous experience or gut instinct alone will not help you drive results and the wealth of data that your organisation has can help you. More on Irish Giving Index

To find out more about how leveraging insights from the 2into3 Irish Giving Index can inform an evidence-based approach and help your organisation’s decision making, please contact Rob Foley, 2into3 at or 086 032 7935.