Legacies income increases year-on-year for fourth consecutive quarter

The Q2, 2018 report of the Quarterly Fundraising Monitor (now called Irish Giving Index) found that income from Legacies doubled when compared to Q2, 2017. This is the fourth consecutive report to note a significant increase in legacies.

  • Social Services experienced an increase of 21%
  • Health experienced a 21% decrease year-on-year
  • International experienced a fundraising income increase of 1%
  • Arts, Culture, Media fundraising increased by 1%

The Monitor is the only piece of research of its kind in Ireland and currently has 41 subscribing organisations. For nonprofits to benefit fully from the research organisations need the most up-to-date and relevant information. 2into3, as well as sector leaders, strongly encourage you to join the monitor for the benefit of the sector.

One subscribing organisation believes that “Boards and CEOs have a responsibility to ensure that fundraising investment is making an appropriate return for the organisation to fulfil its mission. Fundraising teams need to be providing comprehensive investment cases supported by strong fundraising data.  Now more than ever we need to be working together to build trust in the sector and I believe this is an important tool for future sustainability.”

To find out more about how leveraging insights from the 2into3 Irish Giving Index can inform an evidence-based approach and help your organisation’s decision making, please contact Rob Foley Rob.foley@2into3.com or 086 032 7935.