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Introducing our Partnerships Practice for Corporates and Charities 

With the long-term implications of Covid-19 and the cost-of-living crisis, there is a wave of uncertainty facing our current economy. Governments alone cannot solve these issues and the expectation for businesses to make a social impact is increasing. Many businesses want to engage in a more sustainable relationship with society. A key way of doing so is by forming a partnership with a charity or social enterprise to align your business towards social change. 

Similarly, the implications of Covid-19 continue to have an effect on charities. The data from our 2022 Giving Ireland Report shows the social and economic consequences on the Irish nonprofit sector led to a loss of €1 billion. Therefore, as many charities are in a period of recovery, it is also important to look ahead to new approaches. Building strategic corporate partnerships is a viable way for charities to accumulate extra funds during a period of recovery. 


Partnership Practice 

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Partnership Practice for both Corporates and Charities. We work with your organisation to provide insight and expertise to support corporates and charities to build strong purpose-led partnerships. We aim to create long-lasting partnerships that can be a force for good, achieving scale and sustained impact.

“Looking forward to working with both charities and corporates to provide insight and expertise to build strong purpose-led partnerships that go beyond raising funding to seeing both parties creating new value, and achieving the social impact we need to see.” – Denise Cranston, Head of Partnerships Advisory Practice.


Our Partnership Process for Corporates 

Creating social impact in your business has never been more important for stakeholders. In a recent study by Peter Novelli, respondents said that when a company leads with purpose they are “76% more likely to trust that company and 72% more likely to be loyal to that company.” (Novelli, 2021). Becoming a purpose-driven business requires focusing on benefitting wider social or environmental causes.  

Our Head of Partnership Advisory Practice, Denise Cranston, works with your entire organisation to select the ideal partnership for your business. We will help you choose charity partners that complement your vision. See our partnership process below or for more information, visit our corporate partnerships page. 


Our Partnership Process for Charities 

A corporate charity partnership is a collaboration between a corporate entity and a charity who share a passion and commitment to sustainable social change. By working with us, we will create a strategy that feels co-owned by your entire organisation. See our process below or for more information, visit our charity partnership page. 


Achieving Social Impact Through Purpose-Led Partnerships 

Our Head of Partnerships Advisory Practice, Denise Cranston, outlines the practical insights for businesses seeking to achieve social impact through Purpose-Led Partnerships.  

The key insights of this White Paper include: 

  • Impact of the cost-of-living crisis 
  • High Level Solutions
  • Developing Purpose- Led Charity Partnerships 
  • Case studies of successful partnerships 
  • B Corps 
  • Social Impact Investing 
  • Measuring Social Impact 
  • 2into3 Partnership Process 
  • Choosing Charity Partners 
  • Business Benefits 


Achieving Social Impact Through Purpose-Led Partnerships


Interested in finding out more? 

If you are a corporate seeking more information on our process, visit here. If you are a charity, visit here or contact our Head of Partnership Advisory Practice, Denise Cranston on + 44 28 9592 2389 or +353 86 085 5836.