Why do a review?

Before undertaking change, nonprofits need to assess their performance against the sector and similar organisations in order to inform their next steps.

How Reviews work

We gather data and carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to identify your organisation’s position in the sector and relative performance.

Our results

The product of a review is a comprehensive report comparing the organisation to the sector as a whole as well as relevant subsectors, analysing trends over the last several years. The report makes recommendations based on best-practice and informed by the evidence collected.

Recent Projects


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Talk to us

If you would like to discuss 2into3’s review offering, please contact Dennis O’Connor at +353 (0)86 8162278, Patricia Keenan at +353 (0)86 065 7347 or Niamh Carruthers at +353 (0)86 0462358