Sports Capital Grants – Our approach

Securing a Sports Capital Grant can be an essential pillar to transforming your sports club or organisation.

Since 2014, we have helped Clubs and NGBs secure over €3.3million in Sports Capital Grants.

  • Our Success rate is 94%, as per the latest round of allocations.
  • Our clients received a total of €2million in grants allocated across 14 applicants.
  • 50% of clients receiving the full 100% allocation of their grant.
  • Average allocation grant received was 84%.

Planning a 2023 application?

To assist with the needs of clubs and National Governing Bodies, 2into3 has developed services that work at a 1-to-1 or group setting as a Masterclass.

From our experience, the successful Sports Capital Grant applications that achieve their goals are the ones that are strategic and allow time to adequately prepare their application. Based on previous evidence 20% of applications will be invalid, the majority failing on avoidable mistakes. For others who wish to apply, a potential application can be hampered by capacity issues or lack of knowledge.

Every project has a unique challenge. Are you making an application with a school, Education and Training Boards (ETB) or third level college? Or perhaps your organisation is a local club or voluntary and community group? Does your application involve multiple sports clubs? We know the sporting and nonprofit landscape and can help you navigate it.

Selected Clients

Sport Capital Grant Masterclass

Sports Capital Grant Webinars

Our webinars shed light on the Sports Capital landscape for attendees. During these sessions, we share our experience with attendees to help them avoid the common pitfalls that lead to invalidity, helping to ensure that they have the knowledge to best strengthen their potential application.

Scoring high in an application matters now more than ever. Only the top 75% of valid applications in each county will secure a grant. To do this, applications need to be well planned. Our webinars aim to get clubs thinking more strategically and long-term so that they are proactively working towards submission calls.

As part of the 2020/21 round, 2into3 interacted with over 250 clubs in various sports looking to make a Sports Capital application. We have also run similar sessions in Northern Ireland for clubs and NGB’s on the sports grant landscape.


Canoeing Ireland logo 2into3

“We were very pleased with 2into3’s masterclass, not only in terms of the presentation to the group, but the also the interaction prior to the class. 2into3 ensured that the presentation was tailored to the group’s needs and followed up afterwards.” 

Moira Aston, CEO, Canoeing Ireland

Snooker and Billiards Ireland logo sports capital grant application 2into3

“This was the first application we made with professional help and we are thrilled with the end result. We were delighted to receive 100% of our Grant Application thanks to 2into3’s expertise. We look forward to using 2into3’s services for future applications.”

Tony Thorpe, Chairperson, Snooker and Billiards Ireland

Taking the first step

If your organisation is considering applying for a Sports Capital Grant in 2022 and you would like to learn about how 2into3’s expertise can help, please contact Patricia Keenan on +353 (0)86 065 7347.

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