Why have a workshop

Sometimes organisations prefer a facilitative approach to strategy development. Organising such workshops allows you to gain expert knowledge and renew motivation and confidence in the organisation’s mission going forward. Our workshops help you realise your goals and set out realistic frameworks for implementation.

How it works

Depending on the scale of your organisation or the challenge it faces, these workshops can be part of a series or a once-off. Workshops can be dedicated to your organisation or can be shared with other organisations, which can lower costs of participation. Our experts then teach you the process, while you learn the core skills needed to implement and maintain it yourself.

Recent workshops in Fundraising Strategy Development

Talk to us

If you would like to discuss 2into3’s workshop offering, please contact Dennis O’Connor at +353 (0)86 8162278, Rob Foley at +353 (0)86 032 7935 or Niamh Carruthers at +353 (0)86 0462358


The 2into3 team delivered a robust, enlightening, and useful workshop series going from basics to high level delivery over a number of short months. These workshops have been invaluable in developing the fundraising strategy for The Douglas Hyde Gallery as we move forward

Douglas Hyde