Why do a 1-2-1 Strategy

Are you an organisation with substantial ambition but need the support to achieve it? You may be suited to a 1-2-1 consulting, where we guide you through an involved process, as your organisation sets goals and takes the steps to implement them.

How it works

1-2-1 consulting involves individual support for your organisation in capacity-building throughout the duration of a consulting project, as well as for a period following the completion of the strategy development in order to provide additional support as you implement new changes.

Our results

After completing the 1-2-1 consulting process with us, your organisation will have the tools and best practice knowledge you need to equip you to realise the organisation’s goals.

Recent Projects

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Teach Tearmainn logo 2into3

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Lough Derg

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St. Patrick’s Festival

Fundraising Strategy Development

Irish Sailing Foundation

Fundraising Strategy Development


Fundraising Strategy Development

Loreto Hockey

Sports Capital

Monkstown Hockey Club

Sports Capital

Talk to us

If you would like to discuss 2into3’s 1-2-1 consulting offering, please contact Dennis O’Connor at +353 (0)86 816 2278, Niamh Carruthers at +353 (0)86 046 2358 or Rob Foley at +353 (0)86 032 7935.