Vishnushree Venkatesh

Vish is an Assistant Analyst at 2into3, working within the Grants & Economic Services team, helping clients apply for and receive maximum grant allocations. Vish holds a Master’s degree (MA) in Economics from St. Joseph’s University, India. Her academic journey continued with a Master’s degree (MSc) in Behavioural Economics from University College Dublin. Her education along with her passion provided her opportunities to help others through various governmental organisations.

Before joining 2into3, Vish interned at the Department of Foreign Affairs. There, she contributed to critical national and foreign policy strategy development projects within the Evaluation and Audit Unit. She has also conducted grass-root level research in India at the National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development to study rural women’s labour force and lifestyle.

Vish is also an avid reader, she delves into diverse topics, constantly expanding her knowledge base. Her enthusiasm for behavioural economics fuels her passion for researching consumer behaviour patterns. During her time in India, Vish led the Postgraduate Economics Society which honed her skills in marketing, communication, and research.

Outside of work, Vish enjoys staying active through workouts and hiking, and enjoys socialising with friends.

Vishnushree Venkatesh 2into3