Niamh Carruthers

Niamh is an Associate of 2into3,  consulting on all aspects of Strategic Planning and Organisational Reviews for nonprofit organisations.

Niamh previously worked as a full time consultant with 2into3. She led her clients through the 2into3 strategic development process, supporting organisations in introducing transformational change and increasing their impact.

Niamh joined 2into3 in 2017, originally from Connecticut, Niamh has a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Spanish from Trinity College Dublin. At the moment Niamh is studying for a Masters within the one-year Social Inequalities programme at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Niamh also has experience in nonprofit sector: VP and Head of Fundraising for Trinity Vincent De Paul and as Director of Jailbreak 2017, which saw students from across Ireland race toward a mystery destination while raising almost €60,000 for SVP and Amnesty Ireland.

Niamh Carruthers 2into3