Aoibh O’Shea

Aoibh is an Assistant Recruiter at 2into3. Her role is to assist in all aspects of the recruitment process, from placing ads and providing logistical support to conducting screening interviews and assisting with client meetings.

Aoibh holds a Bachelor of Civil Law from University College Dublin where she studied Law with Social Justice. Her time studying Social Justice issues such as refugee displacement, racism and gender inequality fuelled her passion to work in collaboration with the nonprofit sector.

Aoibh, who loves travelling, spent her Erasmus in Utrecht in the Netherlands, where she gained knowledge about various cultures from socialising with the Dutch and international student community. In her spare time, Aoibh loves the cinema, reading and anything to do with quizzes or trivia.

Contact Aoibh:

Direct Dial:  01 574 0027

Mobile: + 353 86 775 9352

Aoibh O'Shea