Diversifying Feed Cork’s income streams through a tailored fundraising strategy

In December 2022, 2into3 developed a fundraising strategy with Feed Cork, a voluntary initiative working to fight food poverty. Feed Cork was founded in 2017 as a constituent part of Cork Church and relies on a team of volunteers to help sort, prepare and distribute over 150 food baskets per week to individuals and families in need. They also partner with local agencies and businesses to bridge the gap for people struggling to provide themselves and their families with nutritious food.

The Context

Having distributed over 2 million meals and 40,000 baskets since its establishment, Feed Cork turned their attention to developing their fundraising strategy. In 2023, only 22% of Feed Cork’s total projected income was anticipated to come from public funding sources, with a heavy reliance on donations to meet their budget costs. Feed Cork needed to explore new funding streams to build a more sustainable, long-term funding model.

Feed Cork logo
Feed Cork

The Action

Like many nonprofit organisations, Feed Cork were heavily reliant on a small number of income streams. We worked closely with their team to help diversify their income by identifying different funding sources available to their organisation, some of which included: digital appeals, new public funding sources and an emphasis on corporate partnerships. In addition, our team developed a resource development pathway to guide the expansion of their fundraising team.

The Result

We developed a fundraising strategy which detailed the diversification of Feed Cork’s income streams. Our detailed fundraising strategy explored various funding channels for their organisation, of which, the most promising were selected. Feed Cork is moving forward with an aligned vision towards receiving much-needed funds for their ‘After School Fuel’ Programme, as well as building a sustainable funding model for the future.

Feed Cork

Interested in reviewing your fundraising strategy?

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