The Emmaus Centre


In 2015, 2into3 assisted The Emmaus Centre in developing an organisational strategy, as well as recruiting talent to fund and deliver on its mission. Emmaus has seen a 19% growth in income over the 2-year period since the implementation of the strategic plan developed by 2into3 with Emmaus.

Everyone is on their own personal journey, and each personal journey intersects and interconnects with so many others in our different communities. The needs and demand of everyday life are rapidly changing and often overwhelming.  The Emmaus Centre in Swords, Co. Dublin has been designed to channel the natural tranquillity of its location into creating a special atmosphere and the appropriate setting for a retreat, meeting or conference.

“The centre has always had hard-working people here, but there was no clear organisational structure in place and as a result there was no opportunity for strategic planning. That’s where I think the strategic planning process, specifically the work that 2into3 did was so beneficial because and it gave us a blueprint where the goals are clear.”

Julie Cosden, Director of The Emmaus Centre

What we did

Organisational Strategy

By taking Emmaus through an organisational strategy development process, 2into3 helped stakeholders gain a thorough understanding of the organisation and its potential. Working with all stakeholders to identify strategic objectives with a clear vision and values, establishing the required steps and investment needed in facilities, programmes and marketing in line with best practice.

Restructuring and Recruitment

2into3 designed a new staff structure for Emmaus to ensure that the potential of the centre was fulfilled. As part of this restructuring process, 2into3 recruited a Director, Financial Controller, Marketing Executive and a Business Development Manager for Emmaus.

“Having the recruitment piece handled by 2into3 from start to finish was a huge benefit. There was such transparency with the process, it was just really clear with everyone that went through the process, it took a huge weight off my shoulders having just started with the organisation myself.”

Julie Cosden, Director of The Emmaus Centre

Organisation Development

The changes implemented were the beginning of a five-year plan to bring Emmaus to an enduring level of sustainability in order to ensure that a solid foundation was established as it embarked on the next phase in its journey.

“The plan is extremely clear and well-laid out but a great thing about it for me is that it allows for a lot of creativity and flexibility.

Julie Cosden, Director of The Emmaus Centre

Talk to us

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