Developing a Corporate Partnership Proposal for Share Discovery Village

Founded in 1981, Share Discovery Village is Northern Ireland’s largest residential centre, providing an immersive experience in outdoor recreation on the shores of Upper Lough Erne. They offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities for children, families, groups, clubs and more. Share Discovery Village is a NI Registered charity and promotes social inclusion, education and the environment through water and land-based activities.

The Context

Since creating their 3 year strategy, Share Discovery Village recognised the need for further strategic guidance in creating impactful corporate partnerships. Denise Cranston, our Head of Partnerships Advisory Practice, began working with Share Discovery Village to develop their proposition for a corporate partnership.

In our pursuit of achieving their strategic goals, Share Discovery Village required specialised support in navigating the complexities of corporate partnerships. Whilst they possessed a clear vision and a wealth of experience in delivering high-quality programmes, they knew there was significant potential for greater reach and sustainability through strategic collaborations with corporations who share their values.

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The Action

Our process was tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of Share Discovery Village, ensuring alignment with their Vision, Mission, and Values, whilst maximising their potential for impactful corporate partnerships. The following components were instrumental in achieving this alignment.

The first step was to get buy-in from their board, so we prepared and presented a proposal to their board of trustees. This detailed how 2into3 would help build Share Discovery Village’s proposition to corporate partners and to help trustees understand why we should invest in the corporate partnership process.

The process took the form of:

  • Two priority industries and top prospects workshops
  • Proposition build
  • Three prospect brainstorms

These were delivered both face-to-face and online, which involved 2into3’s Partnerships Advisory team, four members of staff from the Share Discovery Village and two trustees. These sessions provided a platform for open dialogue, allowing all stakeholders to contribute insights, share perspectives, and agree strategic priorities.

The Result

This outcome of this process was twofold: it identified Share Discovery Village’s potential corporate partners who shared their values and aligned with their mission. Secondly, we produced a strategic proposal for Share Discovery Village’s potential corporate partners. This proposal provided Share Discovery Village with the tools and confidence to effectively communicate the value proposition of partnering with them, outlining clear benefits, opportunities for collaboration, and avenues for mutual impact.

Share Discovery Village are now in a position to move beyond ‘transactional’ partnerships, towards securing their own strategic corporate partnership.

Share Discovery Village

From our client’s perspective

“Denise and Theo from 2into3 very quickly understood the context Share Discovery Village were operating in, but also where we aim to move to during the life span of our strategy. They also understood that this was a very new process for us and tailored all sessions accordingly.

Central to the success of our partnership strategy was the ability to effectively communicate the impact and value proposition of Share Discovery Village. 2into3 facilitated a “Telling Our Story” exercise, wherein we collectively articulated our unique narrative, highlighting our achievements, aspirations, and the transformative experiences we offer.”

– Daragh Collins, CEO at Share Discovery Village

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If you’re interested in developing a strategic partnership with a corporate, visit here for more information on our services. Alternatively, get in touch with our Head of Partnerships Advisory Practice, Denise Cranston on 086 0855836.

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