Importance of long term recruitment

The Long-term Importance Of Successful Recruitment For Social Impact Organisations

Many nonprofits are founded on a modest number of team members. As these organisations grow and develop, the success of their organisation lies in the hands of these talented individuals steering the mission forward. As we ease into 2024, here are some reminders of the long-term importance of successful recruitment for social impact organisations.


Cultivating a Vision-Driven Culture

A strong mission and vision are the main driving forces behind any social impact organisation. Therefore, aligning individual talent with the broader organisational vision is what fosters a culture of purpose. Through intentional talent management, social impact organisations can create teams where each member’s strengths contribute strategically to the overarching goals of the organisation. By recruiting staff that are genuinely passionate about the organisation’s mission can in time, lead to lower long-term staff turnover rates.


Efficiency and New Technology

Throughout 2023, we saw a rise in the use of AI across all parts of the sector (see previous post). Technology is constantly developing, which affects how social impact organisations work, communicate and solve issues. By recruiting the right people who are invested in learning new technologies and ways of working, it benefits the entire organisation’s efficiency, leaving more time for social impact organisations to achieve their mission.


Creating Future Leaders

Effective talent management means looking at long-term value. When visualising your organisation’s future, it’s important to consider what type of people you would like to lead your organisation in 5, 10, even 20 years’ time. Therefore, it is important to invest in recruiting future leaders, including college graduates, junior staff, and individuals with serious future potential. If you focus on recruiting talent with potential and invest time into developing their skills, you are building future leaders who will sustain the sector in years to come.


Fostering Sustainable Impact in 2023: Our Approach

Talent Management is not just about filling roles; it’s about sowing the seeds for lasting change within your nonprofit. By valuing the unique talents of individuals within your organisation, your organisation can collectively contribute to a more sustainable sector for all.

At 2into3, our dedicated Talent Management Services team has a proven track record of assisting social impact organisations in building high-performing teams that supports your organisation’s goals. Whether you require assistance recruiting at senior-level, or you’re considering investing in future talent at graduate level, we can assist you.

To explore how 2into3 can support your organisation’s talent management journey, contact Fergal O’Sullivan, Director of Talent Management, or visit our website here.