Thanks For Attending Our Strategic Planning: Learn The Basics Webinar 

Thank you to our 180 attendees at our ‘Strategic Planning: Learn the Basics’ webinar last Friday. During the webinar held in conjugation with The Wheel, our consultant, Niamh Carruthers, explained the benefits of having a strategic plan. The attendees engaged consistently in our polls and Q&A box, which were answered in detail by our consultants. 

Niamh explained how a strategic plan is as much about the process as the end result itself. It allows everyone in the organisation to engage with the company’s mission, vision and values to outline the organisation’s goals. It is important that your strategic plan is aspirational, but that it is also based on fixed values within the company. This also allows your organisation to grow in a focused way, remaining on-track and unified.  

Niamh discussed how Teach Tearmainn used 2into3’s strategic planning services. They outlined their ‘Mission, Vision & Values’, with 2into3’s consultants guiding them through the strategic plan process. This allowed Teach Termainn to evaluate where they currently are, and where they want to grow in the future, without deviating from their original values.  

During the webinar, there were detailed steps on how to make your strategic plan work for you. It is important to take an all-company approach to your strategic plan. This ensures consistent communication, which will unify your company and can connect your organisation towards achievable goals. 

If you would like to develop a strategic plan for your organisation, contact today. Or, read more information on strategic planning.