How effective is your fundraising webinar 2into3 irish giving index

Thanks for attending our ‘How effective was your Fundraising Performance in Q4 2020?’ webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar -‘How effective was your Fundraising Performance in Q4 2020? Insights from Irish Giving Index Q4 2020 report’ on Wednesday this week. At the webinar we announced all Charities Institute Ireland (CII) members can now avail of a 10% discount on subscription to this service. 

The Irish Giving Index is the only Irish nonprofit sector tool which tracks and analyses the fundraising landscape. This enables organisations to benchmark fundraising performance against relevant subsectors. 

Rebecca Droop, from 2into3, explained the increase in fundraised income and the insights within each subsector- including health, social services and international. Furthermore, Rebecca outlined the predicted outcome of fundraised income in 2020 and how it exceeded initial predictions. ‘Selling something’ was the only method of fundraising that decreased from 2019 to 2020. 

Charlie Lamson, Head of Fundraising at Irish Red Cross, joined the webinar to explain how he uses insights from the Irish Giving Index for nonprofit fundraising. Charlie noted how the index can be particularly useful when making fundraising decisions at the base level, to pass onto the management team. 

Charlie added, “We use the index within the team on a regular basis. Sometimes, we can get caught up on everyday tasks, but these numbers are extremely useful to see how we are doing in respect to other nonprofits.” 

Scott Kelly, Chief Operating Officer at Charities Institute Ireland (CII) also joined the webinar. Similarly, he also noted the use the index to improve knowledge within the sector and the benefits the Index can bring to the fundraising decision-making process. 

If you would like to find out more about the Irish Giving Index, or if you would like to subscribe, contact Dennis O’Connor directly.