Sports Capital Grants 2022

Sports Capital Grant Allocations 2022

We are delighted to announce that 50% of our clients have secured 100% their sports capital grant in the 2021 Sports Capital Grant Applications. We successfully assisted clubs and NGBs to apply for €2million of funding for sports across Ireland for capital and equipment projects. There were 5 regional applications and 10 local applications. Clients included League of Ireland clubs, hockey clubs, golf clubs, GAA clubs, local schools, multi sports centre, local rugby, snooker and canoeing.

There was a record- level of €150 million provided for the Sports Capital and Equipment Programme. €144 million has been allocated to almost 1,900 applications with €6 million kept in reserve for successful appeals lodged by unsuccessful applicants.


Why 2into3?

Oftentimes, many clubs are not aware of the variety of grants available. At 2into3, we assist your organisation in your application process. We work with your club directly, ensuring that you’re aware of the range of grants available to apply for and your application is at the best standard possible. We have helped clubs secure over €3.3m in Sports Capital Grants since 2014.

Previous successes, in 2021, our clients secured over €2m in Sports Capital Grants. Our expertise in completing grant applications to a high standard has helped many clubs and NGB’s in Ireland.

From our experience, the successful applications that achieve their goals are the ones that are strategic and allow time to adequately prepare their application. If you’re interested in preparing the best Sports Capital application for 2022 and require our assistance, visit our Sports Capital Grant page for more information or contact Patricia Keenan on 086 065 7347 or +44 77 4326 7665.