Sports Capital 2018 Equipment Round Announced

The Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport has allocated the 2018 equipment round of the Sports Capital Programme. In total, €9,790,544 has been allocated to local & regional projects with a further announcement on non-equipment projects expected in September of this year.

Over 500 clubs applied for equipment grants in 2018, of which 75% were successful in their applications. One of these clubs was Cricket Leinster, who worked with 2into3, on their application. They have been allocated €56,800 to help grow cricket in south Dublin and the wider Leinster Region.

Golf was the biggest winner from the equipment round taking 21.6% of the total allocation. Meanwhile, more prominent sports, such as GAA and Soccer, took 4.2% and 3.5% of the allocation respectively.

It is now time to look towards the 2019 Sports Capital round, which is expected to open in November. Funding is allocated based on the strength of the application and invalidity is avoidable if you plan correctly.

Since 2014, 2into3 have assisted six clubs achieve their Sports Capital grant, which totalled €834,800 in allocated funding with a further eight clubs awaiting a decision on their non-equipment projects in September. We have also delivered masterclasses on the application process to over 100 different clubs from many different sports such as GAA, Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton and Golf.

If you would like more information on how 2into3 can assist your sport, club or school with a Sports Capital grant application, please contact Darren McMahon at or on +353-1-234-3127.