Dennis O'Connor CEO The Wheel Summit 2023

Lessons on Ambition from The Wheel Summit 2023

On Tuesday 23rd May, we attended The Wheel Summit as Lead Partners. We caught up with colleagues in the nonprofit sector, learned from their insights and listened to informative discussion panels. This was a fantastic networking opportunity for Irish nonprofits to share information and learn from each other. Our CEO, Dennis O’Connor presented his key address on, ‘Ambition and Ireland.’ Our Head of Partnerships Advisory Practice, Denise Cranston, hosted a session on ‘Funding: An Introduction to Securing Strategic Corporate Partnerships’.


Dennis O’Connor, ‘Ambition and Ireland’



Dennis presented a ‘Case Study on Ambition’. Looking back, Ireland has always had great ambition. In 1924, we proposed the ‘Ardnacrusha Dam’, a single capital project, gaining 20% of state annual income. It’s output equated to 100% of the demand for electricity for the entire country in the 1920’s. From there, the ESB was created. This is just one example of the fantastic ambition in Ireland, when the country was only in its first years of existence.

It is important to remember that large projects will always be met with uncertainty and resistance in the beginning. Since the pandemic, we now have an opportunity for rebirth and resetting our ambitions that were placed on hold.

‘A Time for Ambition’

There are several issues that must be addressed in Ireland in 2023, including:

  1. Housing
  2. Health
  3. Transport
  4. Education
  5. Sport
  6. Art
  7. Leisure

What does this mean for nonprofit organisations?

The opportunity for funding is there, so now is the time to create facilities for a growing island, which the nonprofit sector can provide. We must move forward with a shared sense of purpose in our organisations in the sector, and beyond. It is important to remember that funding has always followed ambition, but ambition must come first.

If you are interested in gaining support with ambition in your organisation, contact Dennis O’Connor directly. For more information on 2into3’s range of services, visit our website.