Impact of COVID-19 on the Funding of Nonprofits in Ireland

It’s been one year today since Ireland entered into lockdown. Offices were shut, desks were cleared and an uncertain path lay ahead of us. One year on, we are still in the same position, but with light at the end of the tunnel. To mark the occasion, we decided to reflect on 2into3’s predicted Impact of COVID-19 on the Funding of Nonprofits in Ireland.

Our Fundraising Tracking Service, the Irish Giving Index, has given significant insight into how fundraising in 2020 was affected. Initially, 2into3 had predicted that fundraising would fall by 40%, or by €179 million. However, fundraised income proved to be more resilient.

In this video, Dennis O’Connor compares 2into3’s initial predictions to the outcome of fundraised income throughout 2020.

If your organisation experienced different findings, please message Dennis O’Connor on LinkedIn, or e-mail him at If you would like to read more about the Irish Giving Index, click here.