LEADER programme funding 2022 2into3

€180m LEADER Programme for Rural Development

The Department of Rural and Community Development has announced the details of the €180 million LEADER Programme for 2023-2027. This funding is available for a range of organisations, including Sports Clubs and Community Groups, Voluntary Organisations, and Local Partnerships. 

The LEADER programme is administered at a local level by 29 local action groups, which contain local representatives from the community, public and private sector. Each group is responsible for selecting and awarding LEADER funding to projects within their geographical area.


LEADER Funding is available for the following projects

  • Rural Tourism & Recreation 
  • Projects which have the potential to make the area more attractive for local, national and foreign visitors 
  • Rural Infrastructure  
  • Projects to promote attractive places to visit, live and do business in, through coordination of integrated approaches that build on the economic strengths and infrastructure of the area whilst addressing the key challenges for business, community and recreation 
  • Accessible Services  
  • Improving access to basic services for people living in rural and remote areas and groups who are at risk of social exclusion These may include introduction of a new service or the reintroduction of a withdrawn service in the following areas: community; education/training; social/cultural; and recreation 
  • Rural Youth 
  • The promotion of youth entrepreneurship and training to improve pathways for young people to access economic opportunities in rural areas. Activity to develop the social infrastructure of rural areas for young people to realise their potential. 
  • Renewable energy  
  • Community based initiatives will play a key role in realising national and EU environmental targets, particularly in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through energy infrastructure Renewable energy technologies may also generate new employment opportunities in rural areas 


2023-2027 LEADER funding allocations by county 

County  Allocation 
Carlow  €4.9 million 
Cavan  €6.4 million 
Clare  €6.8 million 
Cork (North Cork, South Cork and West Cork)  €16.8 million 
Donegal  €10.4 million 
Dublin Rural  €4.7 million 
Galway  €9.0 million 
Kerry  €8.2 million 
Kildare  €5.4 million 
Kilkenny  €6.1 million 
Laois  €5.7 million 
Leitrim  €6.3 million 
Limerick  €6.9 million 
Longford  €5.8 million 
Louth  €4.9 million 
Mayo  €8.8 million 
Meath  €5.5 million 
Monaghan  €6.0 million 
Offaly  €6.3 million 
Roscommon  €6.8 million 
Sligo  €6.1 million 
Tipperary  €7.8 million 
Waterford  €6.1 million 
Westmeath  €5.7 million 
Wexford  €7.3 million 
Wicklow  €5.3 million 
Total  €180 million 

Interested in applying?

Projects for an organisation’s development require a structured and planned approach, especially when making a successful grant application. Public funding programmes have strict funding criteria and application processes, our expert advice will guide you through the system to ensure you maximise the grant potential and achieve a successful outcome. 

Our experienced Grants Advisory Team has particular experience with LEADER funding across Ireland and can help you with your application to the LEADER programme. For more information, on our Grants Services, visit here. To speak with our Head of Grants Advisory Practice directly, please contact Patricia Keenan.