A New Playbook for Sports Governance?

Sport for Business and 2into3, in partnership with Mason Hayes and Curran are hosting a timely discussion on the challenges facing Irish sport with regard to Governance.

We have gathered a panel of smart thinkers in this space, taking reference from the Charity world and the changes that arose in that sector as well as how the public trust is being restored following a number of different challenges.

The Breakfast event, will take place at Mason, Hayes and Curran’s offices on Barrow Street, Dublin 4 on the morning of Friday, June 7th.

Together we will look at the following key issues:

  • The current landscape with regard to Sporting Bodies and how that compares to the world of Charities
  • Whether Self Governance is sufficient in the modern era of transparency
  • How increased regulation would impact on the voluntary sector within sport at all levels
  • What are the increased obligations that would apply and what other issues might come into play.

Our panel to discuss these and other issues that may arise are:

  • Deirdre Garvey, CEO of The Wheel
  • Maura Quinn, CEO of the Institute of Directors
  • Dennis O’Connor, Director of 2into3
  • Niamh Callaghan, Partner, Mason Hayes and Curran

The moderator will be Rob Hartnett, Founder of Sport for Business and Chair of the Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership

For more information on tickets click here: http://sportforbusiness.com/a-new-playbook-for-sports-governance/