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4 Tips for Getting The Most Value From Your Consultants

For charities or nonprofits, engaging a consultant for a specific project can be a large investment and commitment. Since 2006, our consultants have worked with almost 500 social impact organisations to deliver a range of assignments from strategic planning, to governance reviews, fundraising strategies, and more.

Based on our experience of working with organisations of all sizes – whether established branded charities, to community-based organisations, to volunteer-run start ups – here are 4 key tips for making sure you get the most value out of your consultants.


1. Be clear on project purpose, scope and deliverables

From the outset, make sure your Board and management have a unified vision about what you want out of the project. What outcomes, or changes, do you hope to see by the end of the project? What outputs should be delivered, by who?

Clarity and alignment on this is essential to ensure that you get what you pay for, and that all parties understand their respective roles. Practically, you can define this in the terms of reference or project proposal, contract, and confirm it in the kick off meeting.


2. Identify a realistic timeline and allocate the resources to support the project

People within nonprofits are often stretched to the limit. That can sometimes be a motivating factor for bringing in external consultancy support.

One recurring issue when delivering assignments is slips in agreed timelines. This can sometimes lead to frustration and a loss of enthusiasm, and at worst, can harm the project.

Set out a realistic timeline from the start, with specific milestones to help maintain momentum. This will also help plan out the capacity and resources needed within your organisation and by the consultants to ensure you deliver your goals.


3. Embrace new perspectives

As a leader of a nonprofit organisation, you understand the complexities of your organisation and sector better than anyone else. However, close proximity can sometimes make it difficult to spot internal challenges. The benefit of engaging an independent consultant is that they can see things from a different viewpoint, or that they bring experience from other comparable situations.

The best approach is to remain open minded throughout the process of working with a consultant. There might be a new idea, lesson, or different perspective, that you might not have considered otherwise.

4. Ask for additional advice

Our consultants have a breadth of strategic knowledge on nonprofit organisations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and gain advice on other areas. It might be outside of the scope of the work, but consultants are happy to help where they can!

Another benefit of engaging with consultants is the opportunity to connect and collaborate with contacts and organisations in our diverse and growing network.

By following these steps, your organisation will be in a greater position to gain the most value from your consultants.

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