Facilitation 2into3 3 Reasons to Hire an External Facilitator

3 Reasons to Hire an External Facilitator

Running effective workshops and meetings is about so much more than gathering people in the same place, at the same time. If you are bringing people together, it’s important to make that time investment count – and all the more so when the stakes are high. Bringing in an independent expert facilitator to design and deliver your meeting can transform the effectiveness and outcome of your session.

Whether it’s strategic planning, a reflection session, a stakeholder consultation, announcing an organisational change or strategic shift, or team building, here are 3 reasons why you should consider hiring an external facilitator.


1. The right tools

An expert facilitator will take into account your organisation’s history, the relationships between participants and your desired outcomes – be they hard (such as strategy) and soft (team culture). A facilitator can create the most appropriate meeting setting and experience for you. This includes the set up of the room to enable participation, to setting ground rules; ice-breakers to create the right headspace and methodology that results in the decisions you need.


2. Space to participate

Engaging a facilitator allows the leader to fully participate without worrying about the objectives of the meeting, the time keeping or the dynamics. You will be allowed the freedom to listen, think and participate alongside your colleagues. You will be able to contribute as a participant.


3. A neutral navigator

A facilitator can ask the difficult questions with objectivity and a fresh perspective, encouraging divergent views to result in something powerful. The facilitator’s role is to ensure every voice is heard equally across the board. Furthermore, if any difficult conversations arise, an external facilitator will have the ability to progress the conversation into a more productive space.


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