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2into3 Partnership with NI Sports Forum

Senior consultant, Patricia Keenan, met with our partners, NI Sports Forum, to discuss how sports clubs can benefit from 2into3’s services. We work with schools, community groups, voluntary groups, and National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to help maximise their potential. Additionally, 2into3 also advise clubs on how to develop their strategies, fundraising, sponsorships and communications.

The Northern Ireland Sports Forum was originally established in 1955 as the Northern Ireland Council of Physical Recreation, and in 1997, was renamed the Northern Ireland Sports Forum. They exist to promote amateur sport and physical recreation, which results in improved physical and mental health.

Our partnership with NI Sports Forum is crucial, as we deliver webinars in conjunction with their organisation, focusing on inclusivity, gender, mental health, and much more. As the NI Sports Forum act as the, “Independent Voice of Voluntary Sport in Northern Ireland”, 2into3 also acknowledge a variety of sports and aim to assist voluntary sporting organisations to reach their full potential.

Patricia outlines how several clubs operate on an annual basis, but do not have a strategic plan for their long-term goals. Patricia discusses how having a long-term view is crucial for club development. At 2into3, we advise that each committee should be continuously proactive in every aspect of their sporting organisation. Clubs and sports organisations are communities of people, and are encouraged to actively seek development in all aspects of their club.



As Patricia describes during the video, we recently worked with a National Governing Body (NGB). Initially, they wanted to achieve additional equipment and we aimed to provide advice on equipment grants. Instead, we evaluated their overall organisation, to gain a better sense of their long-term goals. On evaluation, it was evident that their national centre was no longer fit for purpose. Their initial equipment grants developed into seeking large-scale funding. Now, they’re in the process of developing a plan for a €2 million national training centre. 2into3 has transformed this nonprofit to reach their full potential. What may have started as a small goal for an NGB, has now turned into a huge development project and asset to their organisation.

For more information, visit here, or contact Patricia Keenan.