2into3 Deliver Sports Capital Masterclass for Munster Cricket Clubs

The Munster Cricket Union and 2into3 recently held a Sports Capital Masterclass on Thursday 10th of June in the River Lee Hotel, Cork. This Masterclass was facilitated by Dennis O’Connor from 2into3, a specialist on the Sports Capital Programme.

During the Masterclass workshops the areas of school and university sharing, attaining licence agreements and level of own funded needed for a Sports Capital application. Attendants were given an in-depth look at the Sports Capital landscape, looking at the performance of cricket compared to other sports, while also analysing the performance of Munster Cricket clubs. Clubs were shown the common pitfalls of Sports Capital applications, while also examining the necessary steps to strengthen a grant proposal. Attendants were provided with more clarity which will help clubs with future applications. We hope that this will lead to a higher application and success rate for Munster Cricket clubs in future rounds.

2into3 also provide a 1-2-1 sports capital consulting service where we assist clubs, voluntary and community groups, local authorities, third level colleges, and education and training boards with their application. They assist at every step of the process, helping you understand your targets, improve your scoring and avoid common pitfalls which may lead to invalidity. For more information please contact Darren McMahon at 01 234 3127 or darren.mcmahon@2into3.com.