Patricia Keenan Head of Grants Advisory Services 2into3 Charities Institute Ireland

2into3 attend Charities Institute Ireland Grants and Trust Forum

On Thursday 19th May, our Head of Grants Advisory Service, Patricia Keenan, presented at Charities Institute Ireland’s Grants and Trusts Forum. During the event, Patricia discussed how nonprofits can use our grants cycle to benefit their application. We work with nonprofits to help them during pre-application, application and implementation stages of the grant process.

At pre-application stage, we have completed feasibility studies for community facilities with average capital investment of €2.5 million. At application stage, our grants team have had a 94% success rate in grant applications with over 50% receiving full allocation.

Patricia discussed how nonprofits can be proactive before their application, outlining how to source possible funds and steps for being methodical during application stage. Patricia also outlined why organisations should be diligent after their application, followed by a final Q&A.


About our Grants Services

Applying for funding can be a difficult and time-consuming process, involving business plans, costs analysis, technical details, stakeholder research and more. 2into3 can offer practical support through the Grants Advisory Service, where we have developed a grant cycle to offer tailored solutions at every step of your grant application.

2into3 have developed a grants cycle. The 2into3 team can assist you each step of the way or if necessary they can complete a stage at a time, all bespoke to your individual organisation’s needs. More information on our grants services (link to page).


About Charities Institute Ireland

Charities Institute Ireland exists to support and enable charities to create positive social change. Charities Institute Ireland envision an Ireland that trusts and values charities for the positive contribution they make to solving challenges in our society.

Charities Institute Ireland hosts a number of meetings, virtual or in-person networking events, and workshops throughout the calendar year. From guest speakers to regulatory updates you can keep abreast of what’s going on in the sector by joining in.


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If you are interested in learning more about our Grants services or would like to speak to our Head of Grants Advisory regarding presenting at an event, contact Patricia Keenan.