Organisation Review – Why use a Consultant?

Organisations often grow organically, with new posts and areas of responsibilities added on an as-needs basis and for practical and pragmatic reasons. However, after a while, issues can start to emerge: for instance lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities, bottlenecks, and other growing pains.

During the lifecycle of a nonprofit organisation there are times when a review of its current structure, processes and team (including Board and/or Management) are needed to take stock of:

  • Is our current structure fit-for-purpose for delivering our mission?
  • How well are we performing, and what steps can we take to improve how we deliver impact?
  • How do we future-proof our organisation so that we can achieve our strategic objectives in the coming years?
  • Does our organisation comply with the requirements of the Charities Regulator, and are we in line with best practice?

To answer these types of questions, an independent consultant-led review may help.

2into3 has worked with organisations from across the nonprofit sector to review their structures, processes and teams, and to design new organisational models that ensure they can deliver impact.