Our Way of Working – Recruitment

From Set-up

For 2into3, our proven recruitment process allows us to work on the initial stages of any assignment without the need for face-to-face engagements. The initial work required to set-up any recruitment assignment (agreeing timelines, drafting the candidate brief and job description, agreeing advertising copy and its placement) is completed via e-mail, phone and Zoom.

Go Live

Once we “go-live” with a role, we track applications as normal via e-mail, LinkedIn and phone. Applicants are sent the detailed candidate briefing document and are screened by phone to assess their suitability for interview.

Remote Recruitment

We move seamlessly to our Remote Recruitment approach, which means making use of the best, most secure technology available. We use Zoom Video Conferencing and the results to date have been great, with clients and candidates both giving strong positive feedback.

Ease of use

We have invested in full professional licences for the required technology, which means that candidates and clients need nothing more than a laptop or phone to access the full functionality, with no limits on time or the number of participants.

Practical IT Support

Prior to any screening interview, we confirm if the participants are comfortable using video conferencing software. If not, we conduct a practice session, so when the interview time comes around, they are comfortable talking on screen, in a professional capacity.

Video Updates to Clients

Assignment Progress reports are sent to our clients via email and phone, with video call updates as required. We can also guide clients through the ins-and-outs of the technology, if required.

Shortlisting Process

Once the candidate screening interviews are complete, the shortlisting presentation for the client takes places via video call, with all the important information sent in advance, allowing for a detailed assessment of each potential candidate.

Final Interviews

We then proceed to client panel interviews, with all logistical arrangements arranged by 2into3 for all relevant candidates and interviewers.  The Head of Recruitment in 2into3 is also in attendance throughout the panel interviews, to guide proceedings smoothly.

Success to date

In 2022, we successfully completed:

  • 19 Kick off meetings
  • 261 Candidate phone screening interviews
  • 160 face-to-face screening interviews
  • 19 Candidate shortlisting meetings
  • 19 client panel interviews
  • Our clients met with 94 candidates and of these 34 were deemed appointable (36%).

For Purpose – Graduate Programme

In addition to our senior recruitment service, 2into3 operates a graduate programme for the sector known as For Purpose. The programme provides a comprehensive graduate recruitment service and we provide all of our graduates with one-to-one mentoring and training throughout the year. Our graduate trainees add real impact in the organisations they are working in and we have placed trainees across the sector. Learn more about For Purpose here.

For Purpose logo

If you are interested in finding out more about our recruitment services please contact:

Fergal O’Sullivan Head of Recruitment +353 (0)86 180 6051