Nadine McAllister

Nadine is an Recruitment Coordinator on the 2into3 team. Her role is to assist in all aspects of the recruitment process, from placing ads and screening interviews to assisting with client interviews and logistical support. 

Nadine obtained a B.A (Hons) in International Business and German. Nadine spent her Erasmus year in Mannheim, where she had the opportunity to improve her German language skills and immerse herself in German culture.  Throughout her studies, she got the chance to study Sustainability and Ethics and became particularly passionate about issues such as animal rights and gender inequality. Nadine feels passionately about helping her community and has volunteered with Athletics Ireland and the Order of Malta.  

Nadine loves learning about history, politics and literature. In in her spare time, she can be found jogging through Phoenix Park, playing her guitar or spending too much time talking about her dog. Nadine also has an extensive reading list.  

Nadine McAllister 2into3