Judith Power

Marketing Manager

Judith Power leads 2into3’s Marketing activities. With close to 20 years experience, prior to joining the 2into3 team, Judith worked with a number of Food & Beverage companies – Kellogg’s, Irish Distillers and Kerry Foods. She still reminisces about her college days, Judith holds a Masters in Marketing Practice from UCD and a B.Comm from UCC.

She is an active fundraiser for the two schools her children attend and volunteers at community events.

When not in the office, she can be found at the side of the Soccer, Rugby or GAA pitch, counting the time left in her kids’ practice sessions. And if not there, she is hiding away, trying to finish a book…

Contact Judith:

Direct Dial: +353 1 574 0040

Mobile: +353 86 786 9888