Alice Clifford

Assistant Analyst

Hailing originally from London, Alice holds a BSc (Hons) in Physics from the University of Bristol and a certificate of higher education in Public Policy Analysis from the London School of Economics. Prior to joining 2into3 in the role of Assistant Analyst, Alice worked primarily in the architectural field both in London and West Cork where she permanently relocated in 2017.

Alice is founder of Wavemakers, a non-profit arts organisation currently focused on the development of a centralised arts hub for the West Cork area. Since taking this initiative through the Social Impact Ireland incubator programme in 2018 Alice has become passionate about helping communities realise their potential in creating impact. The cross over between rural regeneration and community initiatives is of particular interest to Alice and she sits on the Rural Development Policy Group at national level for her political party, as well as on the committees of several local community organisations.

In her free time Alice can generally be found shivering in the Atlantic somewhere off the coast of West Cork, tending to her Shetland ponies and driving seal pups across the country as a Seal Rescue Ireland volunteer.

Alice Clifford 2into3