Fundraising Strategy for National Concert Hall

The National Concert Hall, based in the heart of Dublin City Centre, is Ireland’s National Cultural Institution for music. Their vision is to be regarded worldwide as one of the great centres for music and a symbol of national pride for Irish people everywhere. Hosting over 1,000 events each year, they offer world class music and entertainment for all ages – enriching people’s lives through music and the magic of live performance.


The ambitious redevelopment of the National Concert Hall represents one of the biggest cultural projects in Ireland since the development of the millennium wing of the National Gallery of Ireland. Public funding for the NCH has been made available through the Government’s Project Ireland 2040, which envisages significant, carefully planned investment in cultural infrastructure over the next 10 years. Such funding, however, under the National Development Plan, requires organisations to raise between 10-15% of the capital cost of a transformational capital project from philanthropic and other, non-statutory sources.

National Concert Hall
Fundraising for National Concert Hall


2into3 were commissioned to undertake a study of the NCH’s fundraising plan to meet this funding requirement. This review began with an environmental analysis of the fundraising landscape to give a clear picture of the Irish and International philanthropic marketplace as relevant to the NCH. We engaged with key stakeholders of the organisation, including key donors, to gain their insights into the fundraising plan and the organisation’s attractiveness for attracting philanthropic support. We reviewed and refined the NCH’s case for support documentation to ensure its messaging resonated with potential donors.

We assessed the organisation’s vision and the different development options being considered by the NCH and how they aligned with this vision. We explored what was likely to be the ultimate fundraising target with appropriate consideration of various contingencies and inflation over the full building cycle.


The findings of this study assessed the ability of the NCH to fundraise monies to the level outlined in the National Development Plan funding guidelines. The study reviewed the current fundraising climate, drew comparisons with similar campaigns of comparative scale and provided guidance on the donor cultivation process; budgets, timelines and likely ROI from the campaign.

We made recommendations on how best to structure such a campaign to fundraise at this level and gave clear recommendations on how a fundraising board and the general board could help optimise fundraising efforts.

We studied the organisation’s current resources and key strengths and weaknesses to better understand its fundraising potential. We made recommendations on the kind of capacity development that would be required to meet the fundraising demands of such a campaign.

Fundraising strategy Recommendation 2into3

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