Penelope Kenny Head of Governance 2into3

Welcoming Penelope Kenny as Head of Governance

The range of services we offer has expanded in recent years, and our client base accordingly. With this expansion, we are delighted to be welcoming Penelope Kenny as our new Head of Governance Advisory Services, on a part-time basis. Penelope is an experienced Chartered Accountant, with an extensive existing portfolio of directorships and key positions, both in state bodies and the financial services industry. Penelope’s experience also extends as Non-Executive Director, Audit committee chair, CFO, with a Certificate in Corporate Governance. Her experience is based upon embedding positive corporate governance practices to organisations, with a focus on board effectiveness and financial control. Furthermore, she is a member of the Institute of Directors and holds a Masters Degree from UCD, publishing a book on ‘Corporate Governance’ by the Chartered Accountants Ireland.

“I am delighted to assist 2into3 in growing and developing their governance practice. I will be assisting 2into3 on a part time basis from September 2022 and I look forward to working with and growing their interesting portfolio of high quality and engaged clients.” – Penelope Kenny

Penelope initially joined 2into3 as an Associate in 2022. Since joining as an Associate, Penelope has worked with: Social Innovation Growth Fund Ireland, Trocaire, YMCA Ireland, Atlantic Youth Trust, Cuanlee, Dublin Central Mission, KDYS, Outhouse, Dark Sky Ireland, County Carlow Development Partnership, Irish Cancer Society, County Kildare Leader Partnership, Colaiste naMumhan, Dublin South City Partnership, Gheel Autism Services and Missio Ireland.

2into3 Governance Advisory Services

Good governance comes directly from the board. A board should typically meet on a monthly basis and is strategically focussed. A focussed governance plan and project will speed the journey to good and sustainable governance practices, by the board and by the executive team.

2into3 has developed governance practices with boards and leadership teams across the sector. We present your board with a range of options, which can be customised to suit your needs. Some of these include:

  • Effectiveness surveys for all board members
  • Board member interviews
  • Board development programmes
  • Board effectiveness feedback with action plans and recommendations
  • Formal reports on governance for the board.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in availing of our governance services, visit our website for more information, or contact Penelope Kenny directly.