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The Giving Ireland 2021 report launched last week, indicates several subsectors of the nonprofit sector saw an increase in fundraised income in 2019. Total Giving in Ireland was €1.78 billion, as a percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), that equates to 0.5% GDP, for that period.


When compared to the UK, if the Irish nonprofit sector fulfilled its potential in attracting sources of philanthropic support to a similar level as the UK (their GDP rate is 0.84%), Irish overall Giving could increase to approx. €2.99 billion. How can we close this gap?


In these subsector specific webinars we will look in more detail at the funding of each subsector, its trends relative to other subsectors and discuss the impact of Covid (2019 is the last full year of pre-covid stats, so it’s the baseline for comparison when assessing Covid’s impact).


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Kindly supported by The Community Foundation for Ireland,, Quilter Cheviot, Ecclesiastical Insurance.


Giving Ireland is a joint collaboration between 2into3 and Philanthropy Ireland. The Giving Ireland Report 2021 – Analysis and Insights on Funding of the Nonprofit Sector in 2019.

Nonprofit Talent Trends 2into3

Nonprofit Talent Trends – Q3 2021

2into3 have completed their snapshot analysis of senior nonprofit recruitment for the third quarter of 2021.  

Given the equivalent quarter in 2020 was one of unprecedented uncertainty and challenges, it is no surprise to see a significant uplift in recruitment activity year-on-year. The number of organisations actively recruiting rose by 110%, from 79 to 166, and the number of roles rose by a similar amount, up 106% (110 up to 227).  

Q3 Nonprofit Talent Trends 2into3

What do our findings tell us about senior nonprofit recruitment? 

 Firstly, it tells us that the recovery from the lowest points of the pandemic is continuing, with roles that may have been on hold, or where expansion was delayed, are now coming on stream.  

 Certain sectors seem to be more active than others.  

  • Social Services and Health organisations accounted for almost half (48%) of all roles advertised in the period 
  • Religion, Environment and Recreation & Sports organisations failed to register more than 1% of the total each.  


As we commented after the second quarter data was released, it is hard to draw any definitive conclusions when comparing to such an exceptional time, so we would be careful not to infer too much from this data, other than to reiterate that it is a move in the right direction, in terms of activity in the sector.  

The flip side of this, however, is an increased demand for talent. With so many roles appearing simultaneously, the number of candidates per role tightens. Those who read our quarterly analysis will already know that we are in a recruitment market where the number of people actively seeking a career change is lower than it has been for several years. Add these two factors together and it makes finding and attracting the strongest field of candidates a more difficult task.   

In 2into3, we have found in recent months that we are having to devote considerably more time to the targeted search element of our service, as relying on just those who see the advertisement is not sufficient. This may well be the way the market moves, and stays, for the foreseeable future. Even if it is a temporary effect, it is certainly not showing any signs of change in the immediate future.  


 Analysis by Subsector 

Every subsector except one (Sports & Recreation) saw an increase in activity, but in that instance, it was a drop from 2 jobs to 1. All other subsectors saw increases ranging anywhere from 40% up to 900%, but as some of these are based on small values, the tables below give a better understanding of the changes:  

Nonprofit Talent Trends 2021 Q3
Nonprofit Talent Trends Q3 2021
In terms of the types of roles being advertised, all major role types saw significant increases, with the exception of Finance roles, which remained static. 
Role Type Nonprofit Talent Trends Q3

Service Delivery & Operational Management roles were, by a long way, the most popular (118), followed in distant second place by Fundraising & Business Development (46) with the remaining 63 roles in all other areas combined.  

Of those organisation’s where annual income is known, 21.5% had an income greater than €10M, while just under 33% had an income of less than €1M.  

Find out more information on 2into3’s Nonprofit Talent Trends or contact Fergal O’Sullivan directly. 



2into3 300th Customer

2into3 are Celebrating our 300th Customer

2into3 are delighted to announce that we are celebrating our 300th customer. After 15 years in business, across 3 offices in Dublin, Belfast & Cork, we continue with our mission, to help transform nonprofits throughout Ireland. As a team we are thrilled to arrive at this important milestone. We work with some truly fantastic organisations, who undertake amazing work for the people of Ireland.

2into3 300th Customer

“We are delighted to be developing a strategic plan for County Kildare LEADER Partnership, our 300th customer. Kildare LEADER delivers rural, enterprise, social inclusion and community initiatives in the county of Kildare.” – Dennis O’Connor, Director, 2into3.

How Nonprofit organisations benefit from a strategic plan:

  • Gives a clear sense of direction
  • Identifies priorities and aids clear decision making.
  • It’s a living document, which is owned by the people of your organisation. Therefore, motivating your employees with a sense of purpose
  • Enables your organisation to be proactive, rather than reactive.


Special word of thanks to all our customers, who partner with us on some of the most impactful and strategic projects in their organisation’s history. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to share insights, learnings and feedback to help add capacity and grow the potential of each and every one of these organisations.

If your nonprofit would like to develop a strategic plan, or avail of our consulting, recruitment or research services, please contact

About County Kildare LEADER Partnership

County Kildare LEADER Partnership is one of over fifty local development companies in Ireland. They are a nonprofit Local Development Company that has been operational since January 2009 and is the result of an amalgamation of a number of organisations and their activities including KELT, the Kildare Community Partnership (KCP) and the County Kildare based section of OAK Partnership.

County Kildare LEADER Partnership is now continuing this work through the Rural Development Programme (LEADER), the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP) and other supporting programmes in empowering local communities to improve their quality of life.


Nonprofit Talent Trends 2021 Q2 2into3

Nonprofit Talent Trends from 2into3 – Q2 2021

Our latest snapshot of senior recruitment activity in the nonprofit sector is for the second quarter of 2021. We track advertising across all the main online platforms, to record the level of activity within the sector.

Normally, we would compare the figures with the previous year to get a feel for how the market is faring, but for obvious reasons, comparisons for any activity that took place between April and June 2020 are not going to be too incisive, given that this was the time when everything went somewhat quiet.

Therefore, while we can discuss the figures for this year, the equivalent numbers for 12 months ago will serve mainly to show just how far we have recovered from the dark days of the first COVID-19 lockdown.

The top level numbers show there was a total of 224 management roles advertised in Q2 2021, an increase of 136% from Q2 2020 (95 roles). These roles were advertised by 159 different organisations, up 115% from the 74 organisations in 2020.

The increases were seen across all role types, with CEO roles up 121%, Fundraising & Business Development up 200% and Communications & Marketing showing a huge 650% increase, albeit from a low base. The smallest increase was in Finance roles, but this was still a healthy 37.5% up on 2020. Social Services organisations represented a quarter of all roles advertising in Q2 2021, followed by Health (17%) and Local Development & Housing (14.5%).

Nonprofit Talent Trends 2021 Q2 2into3

The infographic above summarises some of the key findings from our data gathering, but if you were interested in delving a little deeper into the details, we would be delighted to share our work and discuss what it might offer in terms of insights into possible future activity.

While the increased number of roles is unsurprisingly positive, coming from such a low base during an unprecedented time for everyone, we in 2into3 can definitely see a strong upward movement in activity, even compared to 2019. We are certainly working on a greater number of roles and seeing a demand for our services from organisations who may have in the past have recruited without the support of external services, but find the current market considerably more difficult in terms attracting the attention of the talent they seek. If you are planning to recruit, or find yourself in such a challenging situation, please get in touch and we can explain how our approach may help.

If you would like to view more information on our findings, contact Fergal O’Sullivan.

Quarterly Recruitment Monitor Q1 2021 2into3

Advertised Senior Roles in Nonprofit Sector Rise 55% in Q1 2021

2into3’s Quarterly Recruitment Monitor for the first quarter of 2021 shows the number of senior roles advertised within the nonprofit sector continues to increase, year on year. 

Our snapshot of data shows that in Q1 2021, a total of 226 senior roles were advertised, up almost 55% on the same quarter last year (146 roles). The number of organisations recruiting increased by 45%, from 110 to 159. 

While the pandemic would only have impacted the last 4 weeks of Q1 2020, it has made a comparison between 2020 and 2021 somewhat difficult. It is unlikely that demand for senior nonprofit professionals has increased by this amount when comparing these time periods; a more likely explanation would be a concentration of demand for staff in the last three monthscarried-over from mid to late 2020, when recruitment may have been put on hold. 

Quarterly Recruitment Monitor Q1 2021 2into3

By Sub-Sector 

Social Services organisations continue to advertise the greatest share of the roles (34%), followed by Health (19%), Local Development & Housing (14%) and Philanthropy & Voluntarism (8%). These four sub-sectors alone account for over three-quarters of all roles recorded by 2into3 in Q1 2021. 

The big change here is in the Philanthropy & Voluntarism sub-sector, which previously accounted for just 2.7% of roles in Q1 2020 is now 8%. Declines were seen in roles within the International (6%, down from 11%) and Education and Research (3%, down from 12%) sub-sectors. 

By Role type 

CEO level roles, as a share of all senior positions advertised, fell from 15% in Q1 2020 to 8% in Q1 2021. There was also a reduction in the number of roles advertised in Administration, Strategy & Governance (down 54%) and HR (down 29%). 

While senior Fundraising roles rose in number (42 up to 48) their share within all roles fell from 29% to 21%. Service, Delivery & Operations roles jumped a massive 185%, from 40 to 114 roles, and accounted for just over half of all senior roles recorded. This may be a reflection of activity in the sector, as organisations scale up to meet the extra demands COVID-19 has placed on their services. 

Advertised Communications & Marketing roles doubled (from 7 to 14) and Finance roles decreased in their overall share, but in absolute terms increased by one-third, year-on-year. 

What does this mean? 

What does this snapshot of activity tell us about the Irish nonprofit sector as we continue our return to normality? It shows that there is still a demand for senior talent within the sector, although the skills and experience that are in demand would appear to be shifting. 

Whether these trends continue or whether they are a short-term response to the pandemic remains to be seen. We present this data with the full knowledge that year-on-year comparisons in the middle of a once in a century event are to be taken with a health warning. 

If our own experience in 2into3 is to be factored-in, the strong, active demand for talent is being balanced against a more passive supply side where candidates appear to be less active in searching for a career move, but are often interested, if they are approached and made aware of what is on offer. The candidates are out there – they just might be a bit harder to find right now.  


Our Track Record in Nonprofit Recruitment 

Why use 2into3’s Recruitment Service?

What makes 2into3’s recruitment service unique is our Quality Guarantee. If the person we place in your organisation leaves within 12 months of starting their role, we will source a replacement free of charge. Please see below for more details. The skills of our recruitment team and the 2into3 processes, gives you the reassurance your role will be filled by ideal candidate.


Why use 2into3 recruitent service Experts in the Nonprofit Sector

2into3 is uniquely positioning in the nonprofit sector, where our work in Consulting and Research, as well as Recruitment, gives us an unparalleled level of knowledge (and contacts within) the sector. Our work over the last 14 years with more than 260 Irish nonprofits means we understand your recruitment needs better than any commercial recruiter.

We know it takes a certain type of person to work in (or even lead) a nonprofit or charity organisation. There is no guarantee an accomplished manager or leader from the commercial sector could successfully transition into this sector. The same can often be said for senior managers moving from one sub-sector to another.

While core leadership and functional skills are essential, you also need to ensure any potential manager will be a cultural fit, have affinity with your mission and values and will know which stakeholders they need to influence and how best to do so. 2into3, more than any other recruiter, can offer this level of understanding.

And so, we aim to look beyond the obvious candidates for any role, based on our previous recruitment experiences. As well as presenting those who are a complete match to your requirements, we always try to include “an alternative option” that may not have everything but could, based on our understanding of the role, be worth exploring.


Quality Guarantee

We are committed to more than just filling roles. 2into3 seek to ensure that all candidates placed by our Recruitment Team succeed in their new positions, because we believe that when a candidate succeeds, it allows the organisation to succeed in its mission. Therefore, we offer a no-fee replacement guarantee, should the postholder’s employment be terminated for any reason other than ill-health or redundancy within the first 12 months of engagement.


Wide Pool of Talent

A typical assignment can attract 200 queries. However, we also actively seek out the ideal candidate. Our long track record in recruitment has allowed us to develop an extensive network of senior managers in the sector, that we can target, should the role match their skills and experience. We can also apply our knowledge of the role and sector and seek out others who may not even be actively looking for a new role but could be an excellent match.


Efficient Turn Around Time & Quality of the Screening Process

2into3’s recruitment process enables a turnaround time of 8-9 weeks, from the date of placing the job advertisements to the successful candidate accepting the job offer. Instead of our clients having to sift through and process all those unqualified applications, we will only show you those who we feel are capable, typically an average of 9-10 individuals. From that list an average of 4-5 are brought forward to interview and two-thirds of these are typically deemed to be appointable by the client.


More on our Recruitment Track Record

Contact Fergal O’Sullivan, Head of Recruitment, on +353 86 180 6051

Recruitment approach to finding ideal candidate by 2into3

Why use a recruitment agency?

Why use a recruitment agency for nonprofit roles with 2into3 Market Knowledge

Just as you are an expert in your particular area of work, we’ve expert knowledge of the recruitment market. We know where to find the candidates for your job; we know where to advertise and promote your role, but more importantly, we have established connections throughout the nonprofit sector (and wider commercial sector as well). We also know what candidates are looking for, in terms of salary and career expectations. We use this to help you write the best job description, candidate brief and advertisement possible, to attract the best talent.

Hard to Reach Candidates

From 14 years of recruiting, we have an established network of senior level candidates who are seeking a career move and we know also how to reach out to others who may not be actively seeking a move but could potentially be the best candidate for the job, both in terms of skillset and cultural fit.

Candidates, not Applications

When we find those candidates, we have the screening and interview skills needed to separate the great from the good (and from the not so great or good), so you get a high quality shortlist, not a large number of applicants. We will work to refine the candidate profile to meet your exact requirements and ensure any candidates we present meet your criteria and are worthy of consideration. By working with experts who help secure the best possible fit, you reduce the financial and operational risk of a costly mis-hire.

Free Up Resources

It can be quite an onerous task for an organisation to prepare from scratch a detailed job description and a compelling advertisement for a role. This is before sifting through all the applications received to compile a shortlist, that you hope will contain the ideal candidate. Even then, there is more work to screen these candidates and arrange interviews with those you feel make the cut. Not only will we take on all of the above tasks (and more) we will do so in a manner that offers you the reassurance that those shortlisted are qualified and suitable.

At the beginning of any recruitment assignment, we will work with you to get a real insight into your organisation and culture, to understand exactly who you are looking for. We do this to ensure the shortlist of candidates will “fit” your organisation. Once we have a feel for the role and you are happy with the candidate briefing document, we will then work on the project without any need to disturb you, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities.

For those organisations fortunate enough to have a standalone HR department, our management of the recruitment process will free your HR team to undertake more strategic and valuable people management activities, rather than time-consuming administration such as screening and replying to unsuccessful candidates. At the end of the interview process we will also negotiate terms and check references for the preferred candidate, again relieving you of these time consuming, but critical, tasks.

Saves Time & Money

There is a perception that it is expensive to use an external recruiter, but when all is considered it’s can be more expensive to do it in-house. Spending too much of your limited time on the recruitment project, creates an opportunity cost, meaning your other core day to day activities are impacted eg less engagement with service users, less time building the current team or possibly less fundraising activity. As this is our recruitment team’s sole focus, we ensure a faster turnaround than in-house where the tasks must be fitted-in around other work. This also translates into cost savings over the duration of the recruitment process.

Recruitment approach to finding ideal candidate by 2into3

Usually an assignment takes 8-9 weeks. To illustrate the typical number of interactions required to arrive at a successful candidate, imagine a funnel. Following the placement of the job advert, up to 200 queries can be received. We respond to every individual query, and proceed to filter through the multi-layered process, until we secure the final successful candidate. At every stage our client still has full control of everything we do on their behalf. Some clients like to be updated on every step, others prefer to receive a pre-vetted short list of candidates, our recruitment approach allows for this flexibility.


Interested in our recruitment process?

Contact Fergal O’Sullivan, Head of Recruitment on +353 86 180 6051

Check out our current vacancies.

Q3 2020 Recruitment Monitor – 31% Fall in Advertised Senior Roles in the Not-For-Profit Sector this Quarter

2into3 Recruitment Monitor Q3 2020

Every quarter, the 2into3 Recruitment Monitor tracks roles advertised on a weekly basis, to illustrate trends and the overall health of senior level recruitment in the sector in Ireland. As expected, the impact of coronavirus pandemic continues to be in the latest analysis.

Data from the latest quarter shows the previous levels of growth in recruitment have slowed in all but one sub-sector, namely Health, and the number of organisations who are hiring have reduced.  While this may seem like all doom and gloom, the findings also tell us that over 100 senior roles were advertised across 79 organisations, which is positive.


Looking into the numbers at Sub-sector level:

  • 3 sub-sectors (Religion, Environment and Professional & Vocational) all had zero recruitment for senior roles in Q3, while Philanthropy & Voluntarism sub-sector had just one role.
  • Only two sub-sectors saw an increase in recruitment activity, led by Health sub-sector, increasing by 26% versus that same period last year (from 22 to 28 roles). Arts, Culture & Media saw marginal growth up from 3 to 4 roles.
  • One subsector (Advocacy, Law & Politics) experienced no change, while the remaining subsectors were down when compared to same period last year.

Variation of roles by Subsector Q3 2020- 2into3

Our three-monthly analysis also allows for tracking of activity across the different quarters throughout the year. As Ireland continues to adjust and make best of the situation we are all in, we are seeing some green shoots when we compare April-June 2020 with July-September 2020. At a total level, senior recruitment in the sector is up by almost 16% (110 versus 95 roles). This modest increase is driven by the Health sub-sector but could hopefully augur well for the final three months of 2020.

Management Roles Advertised by SubSector Q3 2020

Role Types

It is probably not a big surprise that (with the exception of one category) all the role types we track showed a significant decrease (between 35% and 78%) The outlier that saw an increase in roles advertised was Delivery & Operational Management (up 17%) and this could well be an example of a role type that simply cannot be postponed. All the others can be managed or reallocated in the short-term, but the core of what you do as an organisation cannot.

With regard to Fundraising roles in particular, comparing Q3 versus Q2 2020, there was a significant jump in roles advertised, rising from 10 to 23 roles. It may well be that organisations held back on such activity while the lockdown was at its most severe but have accepted that funds still need to be raised, by whatever pandemic-appropriate measures necessary.

Management Roles Advertised by Role Type Q3 2020

Income Levels

For those organisations where we have financial details available, 72 of 108, 43% of them had an income in 2018 of over €10M, while 19% reported an income below €1M.


Recruiter v. In-House

The number of roles advertised across recruitment agencies fell by 4 percentage points (20% in Q3 2019 vs 16% in Q3 2020).  From 2into3’s perspective however, we have seen a very busy Q3, despite the declining figures for the overall sector. During these three months, we have successful worked on delivery of 12 roles (with 7 commencing between July and September), a significant increase on the level of activity we saw in Q3 2019.



It will come as no surprise to anyone that recruitment activity has dropped this quarter versus the same period last year, given where we are as a sector and a nation, but there are some optimistic signals to note, not least that there was such a respectable level of activity at all. Certain sub-sectors and certain roles seem to be more resilient, but there will always be variations within such a large and diverse sector.

Anecdotally, the experience of 2into3 has been a strong level of candidate interest in the roles for which we have recruited.  Based on the feedback from our clients, the quality of our candidate pool continues to be high.

What the final quarter of 2020 will bring will tell alot, as we continue adapting even more to the “new normal”.


Interested in finding out more, contact Fergal O’Sullivan, Head of Recruitment at 2into3, or call +353 86 180 6051

Management Roles by Subsector Q3 2020 2into3 Recruitment Monitor

Impact of Covid-19 on Recruitment Q2 2020

For the last few years, 2into3 has tracked the level of senior recruitment activity in Ireland. The quarterly snapshot allows us to see any mini-trends as they are happening, and to understand who is recruiting, and for what roles.

It will come as no surprise that the data we captured during the second quarter of 2020 show a significant decline in recruitment activity versus the previous year, before COVID-19 took hold. But looking a bit closer at the numbers does show a few interesting variations on an all too common theme.

The total number of management level roles advertised in this period from April to June was 95, a 45% drop from the 173 recorded in 2019. The data also showed a 42% drop in the number of organisations recruiting at a senior level, dropping from 128 in 2019 to 74 in 2020.

Breaking this down further, we can see that only 2 sub-sectors saw an increase in the level of senior recruitment (Local Development & Housing and Religion). Every other sector had reduced activity, some significantly so (e.g. Health and Social Services).

Management Roles Advertised by Sub Sector
Q2 2019 Q2 2020 Diff.
Advocacy, Law & Politics​​ 11 6.36% 6 6.32% -5
Arts, Culture & Media ​​ 4 2.31% 1 1.05% -3
Education & Research​​ 18 10.40% 11 11.58% -7
Environment​​ 1 0.58% 1 1.05% 0
Health​​ 32 18.50% 17 17.89% -15
International​​ 11 6.36% 2 2.11% -9
Local Development & Housing​​ 17 9.83% 23 24.21% 6
Philanthropy & Voluntarism ​​ 2 1.16% 2 2.11% 0
Professional & Vocational​​ 1 0.58% 1 1.05% 0
Recreation & Sport​​ 6 3.47% 3 3.16% -3
Religion​​ 1 0.58% 3 3.16% 2
Social Services​​ 65 37.57% 24 25.26% -41
N/A​​ 4 2.31% 1 1.05% -3
173 95 -78


Of those organisations who were recruiting and where financial information was available (59 out of 77), 39% had an annual income of over €10M, while 22% were under €1M.

Every one of the main types of roles that we track saw a reduction in recruitment levels, but again with variation across the range.

Management Roles Advertised by Role Type
Q2 2019 Q2 2020 Diff.
Administration, Strategy & Governance​ 20 11.6% 3 3.2% -17
CEO/Executive Director​ 18 10.4% 14 14.7% -4
Communications & Marketing​ 13 7.5% 2 2.1% -11
Finance ​ 9 5.2% 8 8.4% -1
Fundraising & Business Development​ 40 23.1% 10 10.5% -30
HR​ 11 6.4% 3 3.2% -8
Service Delivery & Operational Management​ 62 35.8% 55 57.9% -7
173 95 -78


CEO recruitment dipped slightly, from 18 roles in 2019 to 14 in 2020 (down 22%), while Fundraising and Business Development roles experienced a dramatic 75% decline from 40 in Q2 2019 to 10 in Q2 2020.

Others were relatively unscathed, with Finance roles dropping from just 9 to 8 in the comparable periods, and while there were 7 fewer Service Delivery & Operational Management​ roles, this represented a drop of just 11% (62, down to 55).

In terms of what this data tells us, the most obvious learning is that COVID-19 has had a significant effect on recruitment at a senior level in the not-for-profit sector, but then, we really didn’t need to conduct a detailed analysis to know this.

It does show however that there is a variation in how the pandemic is affecting different sub-sectors, with some pulling back on recruitment more than others. This may well reflect the inescapable need for certain organisations to maintain their staffing levels and the option that others may have to postpone recruiting new staff members, or even replacing departing colleagues.

Anecdotally, 2into3 has had one of its busiest quarters in recent years in terms of our senior recruitment, with 17 roles being managed by us between mid-March and August, so there is still a significant level of activity in the sector. Whether this continues, and whether it continues to impact different areas in different ways will only become evident as we make our way back to the “new normal” in the second half of this exceptional year.