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100% Success for Grant Application to the Community Centre Investment Fund

We are delighted to announce Castlebar Town FC, one of our Grant advisory clients, has received 100% of their grant application to the Community Centre Investment Fund. They were successful in attaining €35,000 for their clubhouse facilities, the first grant they have applied for. Our Grants advisory team worked with Castlebar Town FC on their […]

Giving Ireland Subsector Webinars

Thank you to everyone who attended our Giving Ireland Subsector Webinar series last week. Following the in-person launch of Giving Ireland 2022 – Analysis and Insights on Funding of the Nonprofit Sector in 2020 Report Launch in Dubin, Cork and Galway, we hosted 7 webinars delving into the following subsectors: Education, Sport, Health, Arts, Social Services, […]

How to create a Strategic Fundraising Plan

What is Strategic Fundraising?   A strategic approach to fundraising is about taking a longer term view of your organisation’s fundraising activities. Closely aligned with your overall organisation’s strategic objectives, a strategic fundraising plan helps steer a long term course for fundraising beyond the day-to-day demands of ‘firefighting’ to plug short term budget gaps.   […]

Why consider Relationship based Fundraising?

During our recent Giving Ireland fundraising webinars, some interesting common themes emerged across the various nonprofit sectors. This included relationship based fundraising, how to diversify income and how to use data better to improve fundraising returns. We have seen the recent successes that relationship based fundraising has delivered to many nonprofits in Ireland. What is […]

Register now for your subsector’s webinar on funding – Giving Ireland 2021

The Giving Ireland 2021 report launched last week, indicates several subsectors of the nonprofit sector saw an increase in fundraised income in 2019. Total Giving in Ireland was €1.78 billion, as a percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), that equates to 0.5% GDP, for that period.   When compared to the UK, if the Irish […]

Why use 2into3’s Recruitment Service?

What makes 2into3’s recruitment service unique is our Quality Guarantee. If the person we place in your organisation leaves within 12 months of starting their role, we will source a replacement free of charge. Please see below for more details. The skills of our recruitment team and the 2into3 processes, gives you the reassurance your […]

Why use a recruitment agency?

Market Knowledge Just as you are an expert in your particular area of work, we’ve expert knowledge of the recruitment market. We know where to find the candidates for your job; we know where to advertise and promote your role, but more importantly, we have established connections throughout the nonprofit sector (and wider commercial sector […]

Irish Giving Index Report Finds Total Fundraised Income for First Half of 2020 up by 28% from 2019

Here are some interesting findings from the latest Irish Giving Index Report (Q2, 2020). The report shows a 28% year-to-date increase in total fundraised income from 2019. This increase was seen across the International, Social Services and Health subsectors and remains consistent with findings of monthly year-on-year increases.   Another interesting finding for Quarter 2 […]

Helping clubs to prepare their Sports Capital Grant Applications

Today is the closing date for the registration of your club’s intention to apply for a Sports Capital Grant. For those of you who have applied before you will understand how technical the application process can be. 2into3 have teamed up with a number of Local Sports Partnerships (LSP) and National Governing Bodies (NGB) offering […]