For any not-for-profit organisation to fulfil its mission and deliver its services, it is vital to have the correct resources in place. The driving force behind any organisation is its people – without this resource, a not-for-profit cannot thrive. It is therefore essential to ensure that the three R’s are fulfilled: having the right people in place, with the right skills, at the right time.

Since 2013, unemployment levels have been falling sharply year on year in Ireland, following a pique in 2012 when unemployment reached 15%. This is illustrated in the graph below. 














An Employer’s Market

When unemployment is high, the job market can be defined as an employer’s market. An employer’s market is characterised by a number of traits, including:

  • High unemployment levels.

  • Less choice for candidates.

  • Roles advertised attract high number of applicants.

  • Employers can be selective.

  • Candidates value job security vs pay.

  • Candidates are risk averse and less willing to move roles.


An Employee’s Market

When unemployment is low, the market significantly differs from an employer’s market. The traits of an employee’s market are:

  • Low unemployment levels.

  • More employers are recruiting.

  • Candidates can be selective.

  • Candidates are less risk averse in moving roles.

  • Pay differentials are noticed.

  • Lower response to job adverts.


In an employee’s market, a new approach is required from employers to remain competitive in attracting, retaining and developing their talent. Old approaches to recruitment and management must be adapted to meet the challenging conditions of this market.

2into3 can support your organisation and its talent requirements in a range of ways, including:

For further information on 2into3’s recruitment services and talent strategy development process contact 2into3 Director Dennis O’Connor at or call direct on 01 234 3184.

For further information on the 2into3 Not-for-Profit Graduate Programme contact Recruitment Coordinator Adrian McCarthy at or call direct on 01 234 3135. 

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